Game Economy Elements

The game is free-to-play & play-and-earn.
CTA Token is a utility token granting major game advantages and allowing users to migrate from the digital space into the physical world.
The holding, expanding or staking of CTA Tokens will be required for the following actions:
Digital Cards – trading, lending and merging of digital cards as well as buying booster packs. Merging of the digital cards creates more rare and more valuable cards. Off-chain and on-chain merging of the digital cards in-game requires Trisel.
Merging system
NFTs - minting NFTs from digital cards as well as merging NFTs creates more rare and valuable NFTs. Players can also lend their NFTs to other players, thus earning CTA Tokens. NFTs can also be bought and sold for CTA Tokens within the marketplace.
NFC Cards – printing of NFC cards from NFTs. Once the NFC is printed, the NFTs will be frozen as a digital card.
Staking – players are encouraged to stake their CTA Tokens to earn valuable assets and increase the liquidity of the CTA pools.
Major in-game advantages - major game advantages such as saving time to progress through the game, access to off-series valuable NFTs, special access to Guild competitions and tournaments and access to exclusive content.
Governance – as the game develops we welcome our community to participate in the development of the game and the building of the Metaverse through voting and governance powers.
The utility of the CTA Tokens will be further developed and enhanced in a dynamic manner to address the needs and desires of our gaming community. This is to ensure the alignment of interest of our gaming community, contributors and supporters and to ensure a widespread use of CTA Tokens.