Cross The Ages: TCG Game Economy

Eren & Brinhold
There will be three currencies related to Cross The Ages: TCG: Trisel, Prana and $CTA.
The utility of these currencies are as follows:
Trisel is used for any in-game transformation between assets such as crafting, as well as free cosmetics (sounds, emotes, card backs…)
Prana is mainly used to acquire off-chain assets such as chests or paid cosmetics.
CTA Token is used for any on-chain activity such as minting, trading, participating in e-tournaments, transforming NFT cards to NFC (physical cards) etc.
How can you obtain these currencies:
Trisel is rewarded only by playing the game.
Prana can be bought inside the in-game shop, its price has a fixed value.
CTA Token can be bought inside the in-game shop, converted from Prana and wherever it will be available on-chain. The price will be fixed until listing on exchanges.
Note: Minting cards requires CTA tokens. You can refill either by converting your Prana or by buying more CTA if you are missing some to mint your card.
CTA Token utility