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Personal informations

You can manage your account by yourself here: CTA Portal.

In User Information section, you will find the following data:

  • Username that you have in-game.

  • Profil ID is your personal id of your account.

  • Email used to manage your game account and game wallet.

  • Password used for your account authentication.

Account verification (KYC) is mandatory to meet your local administration rules. The process is straightforward.

Personal Information give data related to your identity, including your KYC status (First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Country of Residence). These are the details you provided during the creation of your Cross The Ages account.


The Game Wallet

The game wallet, managed and secured by Magic Link, holds all game assets, whether NFT or not. Here, from the CTA Portal, only NFT assets, such as mint passes, Eternal cards, etc., are visible. This game wallet is the player's private wallet on the ImmutableX blockchain (IMX). It takes the form of a series of characters, such as: 0xa04bcac09a3ca810796c9e3deee8fdc8c9807189

This game wallet is directly linked to the player's game account. Thus, a non-NFT asset (for example, a Static or Flex card) is stored on their game account (email address + password).

Owning NFT assets from Cross The Ages in their game wallet allows players to have true control over them (buying, selling, renting...), and also to prove their authenticity through the unique imprint issued on the blockchain: the player can demonstrate that they are the legitimate owner of a limited series asset, giving it real value.

For the most experienced Web3 users, it is possible to export the private key of their game wallet by clicking on 'Reveal', and then importing it into a hot wallet such as MetaMask, Rabby, or others to connect with their assets on other marketplaces.

BE CARFUL: Exporting the private key carries risks such as theft, hacking, and other potential threats to the security of your digital assets. While some experienced Web3 users may find it useful to export the private key of their game wallet to a wallet manager, it is essential to take adequate precautions before proceeding with this operation.

The Cold Wallet

The cold wallet is a secure storage method for digital assets used in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Unlike hot wallets (online wallets) that are constantly connected to the internet and are therefore more vulnerable to attacks, a cold wallet is an offline storage solution that provides a higher level of security.

The advantage of using a cold wallet such as Ledger in Cross The Ages brings the ability to transfer various NFT assets (Eternal cards, mint passes...) to this cold wallet for a more secure protection than on the game account (hot wallet), while still retaining the ability to use these assets in the same way. For example, it is possible to deposit Eternal game cards into your cold wallet while being able to integrate them into various decks for playing.

The Local Wallet

If you are using a wallet such as MetaMask, Rabby, or another, where you have imported the private key of your game account (which can be obtained via the 'Reveal' button):

  1. If this wallet manager is connected

  2. If you are connected to a wallet different from your game wallet or cold wallet...

Then, it will appear under the 'local wallet' section. This can be very useful, for example, if you have multiple game accounts and want to transfer assets between these accounts without disconnecting/reconnecting from your main account.

Use a Code

For giveaways, gifts, or other rewards, CTA sends you a code. To claim your reward, you can enter your code here, also available in the in-game store, in the upper right corner.


1. Can we buy/sell game accounts?

It is prohibited to sell (and consequently, buy) a game account. Anyone engaging in this type of activity will have their account banned, and access to the assets on that account will be permanently lost.

2. What document do I need for account verification (KYC)?

For France: Driving license, National Identity Card, Passport, or valid Residence Permit.

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