Arena Modes


Have you succeed on the Adventure modes (PvE) and you are a competitor? You are at the right place to come and challenge the best CTA players in the Arena (PvP), and more! You can experience the Arena in several ways: with friends with the custom mode, in a more relaxed mode but against opponents from all over the world with the normal mode and as Esport vibe with the ranked mode.


The Arena's gameplay is dynamic and evolving! A game has a maximum of 12 minutes duration, 6 minutes allocated to each player in the Normal Mode (5min in Ranked Mode). You have a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds to play your turns. If you exceed this time, you lose by AFK (Away From Keyboard).

A game is won when the number of points defined by the dice roll at the beginning of the game is reached. So, a game can end before you even complete the entire board. For that, build the best deck that you can and try to be strategic to control the board, score and accumulate points every turn.

Deck building

You play with a deck of 30 cards. Knowing well the deck building ensure to become victorious!

A deck is composed by a Special Ability (SA), a General, and cards (battle and/or field).

You will see, there is not one way to build a deck. This tutorial is only here to help you get started with building decks. A deck is specific to each player, to their way of playing.

Special Ability

Each Special Ability (SA) has its strengths and weaknesses. It's up to you to find which one best suits your play style.

To have access to certain SA, you must have completed at least xx% of that card collection. This works regardless of card format (Static, Flex, Eternal).


You are guaranteed to have your Leader in your hand beginning of every game, which is not the case for the other 29 cards in your deck.


Field Cards

Three slots are available for Field Cards. However, you have no obligation to put 3 Field Cards in your deck. You can absolutely create a deck without.

Battle Cards

To know all cards, do not hesitate to explore the collections.

Player's Tips

Does it seem quite complex to you?

Don't hesitate to use the Auto Deck option! It's a simple way for you to quickly and easily get on the board and discover the specificities of the CTA TCG.

Some players also share some tips to help you:

Scoring Points

Take control of your opponent's cards while building affinities or trinities. Play the right cards to flip or block your opponent's cards. Knowing well the heptagram will be a major asset in order to master the power relationships between the different elements (+/- 200).

  • For each flipped card, you gain +2 points.

  • For each controlled trinity on the board (a sequence of three adjacent elements on the heptagram), it's +1 point per card in the trinity under your control, earned every turn, including your opponent's turns. So, if you secure a trinity, you automatically gain +3 points every turn.

Draw system

It is possible to discard cards by two different ways:

  • You start with a hand of 5 cards (6 cards if you are player 1). From these 5 cards, even before the game begins, you can discard up to 2 cards (excluding the General) using the Mulligan system.

  • During the game, you can draw two more times.

Game modes

You are now ready to challenge other CTA players!

Several Arena modes are available. First of all, let's try the Normal mode, then Player vs AI mode? Once well established, it's time to compete in Ranked mode against the best CTA players.

Not a fan of competition? Then Adventure modes should please you! There you will discover in a fun way, accompanied by our dear Ravix, the fantastic world of CTA.

Also, the Custom mode is ideal for organising games between friends.

Custom Mode

As its name suggests, it is a mode where you can customised all game options. This mode is perfect for organising games, tournaments or other events between friends. Play CTA on your own way!

There are 2 main options:

  • either you invite a player to join you and you create the rules of the game,

  • or you get invited by another player.

Invite a Player

First, it's up to you to define which cards you want to play with, with or without Static cards, in a classic or competitive conditions.

Then, it's up to you to define the rules of the game. You can add up to two affixes, making duels even more varied and exciting. Once the rules are defined, a simple click on the eye will give you a code to share to your friend joining the duel.

Be invited

Of course, you can join a duel as a player via the "Join" option, but also as a spectator via the "Spectate" option.

Player vs AI Mode

The Player versus AI (Artificial Intelligence) mode allows you to take your first steps into the world of the competition by playing against an AI.

Normal Mode

Normal mode is the perfect place to challenge other players on the CTA network, but without any stress! Here, no consideration of elo! You will be able to test your latest decks against players from all over the world and of all levels, without fear of seeing your ranking decrease in the event of defeat! You can also complete your daily, weekly missions and events at your own pace.

Ranked Mode

Welcome to The Appologium!

In Ranked mode, the competitive mode of CTA, battles are fierce and intense, and mistakes come at a high cost... but victories are all the more rewarding! You're in the right place to challenge yourself against the best CTA players.

As Normal mode, you can complete your daily, weekly, and event missions. On every win, you earn elo (ranking), XP (level), Trisel, and other rewards available during this current time.



Give up a game is allowed but only if one of these 2 conditions is met:

  • Reach the minimum of 20 scoring points;

  • Be at your playing turn #9 or more.

However, in ranked and normal mode, surrender is penalised. You don't get as much Trisel as you do when you lose. As a reminder, in the event of a defeat, you have a 33% penalty on the Trisel gained. In case of surrender, the penalty is 66%.


1. The board is full, but the points on the dice haven't been reached. Who wins?

The winner is the player with the most points.

2. Is it possible to have a draw at the end of the game?

Yes, it's entirely possible if both players have the exact same score.

3. What happens in case of a draw?

In the event of a draw, both players gain xp and Trisel, no points for the leaderboard.

4. Can I earn as much Trisel as I want per day?


5. In normal mode, do I earn the same amount of Trisel in normal mode as in ranked mode after each match?

No, ranked game rewards are 33% better than normal mode rewards.

6. Does my Leader necessarily must be my most powerful card?

No. It will depend on the Special Ability you have chosen. As said in the article, the Leader & SA combo is very important. It's up to you to find what suits your playing style.

7. Do SA only have an effect on my Leader only?

No, it can have consequences on your opponent's cards, on your other cards too. It all depends on the choice of the SA. All the SA details are here.

8. Is it possible to have more than one SA on the same deck?


9. I want to put 2 field cards of the same element. It doesn't work! Why?

It isn't possible to have 2 field cards of the same type with the same element in your deck. Example: 2 standard Alvilid (Water) cards of 50 and 80 power is impossible! However, it is allowed to have 2 Alvilid cards, a standard 50 one and an alternative 120 one.

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