The Lands of Cross The Ages

ReVerse is an attractive universe where the virtual can have an impact in the real world and vice versa.

Cross The Ages distinguishes itself with this concept of integrating real financial benefits into a virtual economy, thus aligning itself with its mission to make a tangible positive impact by contributing to the energy transition and decarbonization. Arise's lands act as a key element in realizing this vision. In essence, every purchase of a virtual CTA land represents an industrial promotion in the real world. This is our starting point.

In Arise, Cross The Ages lands are digital parcels of land where resources are essential for enhancing players' skills and craftsmanship. Each land is inspired by the Cross The Ages universe and is associated with a major event in its history.

In the real world, each land represents a share of ownership in a real CTA Factory industrial and land activity, generating dollar dividends which are then converted into $CTA for the owners, under certain game conditions. These owners must defend their territories against attacks from other players.

“To plunder or Be plundered!”

Landowners will produce and protect their yields, while looters will try to steal them.

Our vision to stimulate the virtual economy of the Artellium world through the integration of real-world concepts, welcome to the Cross The Ages ReVerse.

The Lands in the Real World

Cross The Ages acquires land with the aim of becoming a provider of decarbonized energy from surplus production capacity. We establish CTA Factory whose clients include data centers, as well as players in the artificial intelligence sector, Bitcoin miners, etc. All of them are seeking low-cost green energy in a legally stable environment. CTA Factory is able to provide them with a turnkey solution, where they simply connect to our network.

Each site meets the following electricity supply constraints:

1/ It must be green (hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, etc.), fatal (gas flaring, gas cogeneration, etc.), or nuclear in origin.

2/ It must be in surplus capacity, meaning it uses electricity production capacity that would otherwise be unused.

The real financial value of our industrial activities consists of several essential elements. Firstly, there is the land value of the sites where these operations are established. Then, there is the capital invested to make these sites operational, known as capital expenditures (CAPEX). Together, these aspects define what we call "industrial promotion".

In summary, the benefits of the activities serve to:

1 / Establish the fundamental mechanics of ReVerse, which allows Artellium to assist the real world through positive action (sustainable development) and enables the real world to make Artellium a real and viable economy.

2/ Remunerate landowners.

3/ Support the value of TCG collectible cards through the land attack/defense system.

4/ Remunerate the manager of CTA Factory.

5/ Develop CTA into a long-term positive-sum ecosystem.

Thus, the value of the lands is based on a unique combination of real and virtual value due to their utilities in the Cross The Ages games.

The lands in Arise

In Arise, Cross The Ages lands are tied to major locations in its history, initially represented by dungeons.

The rarity and desirability of the lands will not be determined by a maximum supply but by the limit we will have to develop High Power Computing Farm activities (HPCP).

Land yields

The distribution of land yields is done in CTA by CTA Factory. CTA has also set up a land attack mechanism to allow a redistribution of a fraction of the land revenues to players who can attack even without owning land.

Yields are functional in the real world of industrial production and their value on the market. In Arise, their yield also depends on the activity and defense conditions of the Land.

In Arise, there are 3 tiers of yields to unlock:

1st tier (50% of yield): Proof of ownership

No prerequisites, as this is a significant financial investment. The owner unlocks 50% of their yield, regardless of what happens.

2nd tier (to reach 75% of yield): Proof of activity

To add 25% to their first tier, the owner must accumulate a number of Victory Points (VP) obtainable through in-game victories. At this stage, the Mint Pass loaded with CTA present on the land allows for passive VP gains that can reduce gameplay time. If this gameplay time is not achieved, the yield associated with this tier is open to plunder by other players.

3rd tier (to potentially reach up to 100% of possible yield): Proof of defense

To reach the last 25%, a strong defense against attacks from pillaging players must be established. This final level will require an investment in TCG cards to organize the best possible defense.

This land attack/defense mechanism encourages organized groups, conducive to fierce struggles between guilds to defend and plunder Artellium's produced resources.

The assets used for the Lands

The mint passes

As stated above, mint passes help in collecting VP (proof of gameplay). The higher the quality of mint passes, the more advantages they provide to the land.

A mint pass can only be present on one land but affects all the characteristics of that land.

The TCG cards

Cards in the CTA universe are not just collectible items but essential tools for the game's economy. All cards have specific uses, whether to activate land yields or to complete various quests within the game universe. These quests may require the use of different types of cards, creating a constant demand for all card rarities, from common to rarest.

For dungeon defense, all types of cards from common to mythic are useful. Defense planning is done by filling card slots available for each rarity.

SR (Special Rare) cards, airdropped via mint pass loading with CTA, can play a significant role in dungeon protection (more details regarding the game and dungeons can be obtained in the Arise section).

Ultimately, the use of cards in CTA goes beyond mere collection and TCG gameplay. Through interoperability between CTA games, they are the cornerstone of the game's economy, creating a supply and demand dynamic for all rarities and contributing to the overall valuation of the game universe.

Land owners, players, and card holders are all key players in this ecosystem, where each has a role to play.

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