Sami Chlagou, CEO and Co-founder

As a long-time entrepreneur, Sami's impact extends beyond Cross The Ages. Since 2015, he has owned and overseen six international gaming studios, responsible for creating and launching over fifty video games that have achieved millions of downloads across various platforms (Nintendo/Xbox/PlayStation). This entrepreneurial drive and strategic leadership have positioned Sami as a pioneer in the gaming industry.

His innovative vision is crucial in the development of Cross The Ages, a universe leveraging blockchain technology and setting new benchmarks for innovation in gaming. Under Sami's leadership, Cross The Ages has flourished into a leading studio, attracting top-tier talent.

Richard Esteve, COO and Co-founder

Richard Esteve began his career in finance as a hedge fund manager. He later transitioned into mergers and acquisitions consulting, excelling as a managing partner in a boutique financial firm specializing in small business banking. He led multiple transactions on NYSE Euronext. Additionally, he served as Secretary General of the Honorary Consulate of Gabon in France and contributed to country risk assessments in sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently, Richard Esteve holds key roles as CEO of Maison Michel Klein, a renowned French fashion house, and as Managing Director/Director at WooGroup, specializing in financial services. His diversified expertise and leadership fuel success in these industries. As such, he has been investing in blockchain technology, mining, and cryptocurrencies since 2018.

At the crossroads of multiple cultures and business markets, he is capable of making a difference in an ever-evolving world perspective.

Quentin Giraud, CTO

Recognized for his work in theorizing multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo, League of Legends, and Path of Exile, Quentin Giraud brings over 15 years of deep expertise in the video game industry.

Before joining our team, he served as Head of Engineering at My-Serious-Game, where he managed multiple technical developments for major European corporations.

Following the development of our Trading Card Game, he is now specialized in managing infrastructures closely linked with blockchain for Cross The Ages products.

With a large experience in both traditional gaming landscapes and the ever-evolving realm of blockchain integration, his contributions have not only shaped gaming experiences but also facilitated the merger of technology and immersive gameplay.

Anthony Gerard, CPO

Since 2012, Anthony has been immersed in the dynamic world of video games, but it was in 2015 that his career took a significant turn. His involvements with industry giants such as World of Warcraft and EA Games marked his professional beginnings, notably as Lead Developer for the Skylords Reborn project with EA Games.

His tenure as CTO at Honikou Game allowed him to solidify his reputation as a technical leader, capable of ensuring the attractiveness and success of his projects (40 million downloads).

Anthony joined Cross The Ages, bringing his expertise as CPO to develop our video games, including Arise. His integration into the Cross The Ages team represents a major asset for the company, highlighting his commitment to innovation and his constant desire to push boundaries to create captivating and innovative gaming experiences.

Matthieu Maillet, Art Director

Matthieu Maillet has emerged as a key figure in the artistic industry, particularly in the field of 3D animation, since 2014. It was his time in London that marked a decisive turning point in his career. There, he made significant contributions to several projects for Disney, honing his artistic expertise in the heart of a demanding international scene. He then moved to Hong Kong in 2018 to work on animation films with the renowned company Rollickin.

He joined the Cross The Ages team as Art Director in 2021.

Since his integration, Matthieu has orchestrated a team of 37 artists around the project's artistic vision. In addition to his managerial role, he plays a crucial role in the realization and release of Cross The Ages cinematics. Every visual element bears Matthieu's distinctive stamp, creating an immersive and aesthetically captivating gaming experience.

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