To bridge your Arkhante S01 pack

The packs from the first season of Arkhante on Opensea (Legacy Packs, Premium Packs) are on the Polygon blockchain. Once purchased, to be opened and played, they must be transferred to the IMX blockchain. To do this, a bridge is used.

How to perform the bridge:

Once the bridge is completed, your Premium Pack will be on the ImmutableX blockchain. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to sell on Opensea where you originally purchased it.

For resale, if desired, you can use the dedicated CTA marketplace. To access it, simply go in-game to the Chest section.


1. All of this seems quite complicated for me. Is there a simpler way?

Yes, it's also possible to purchase packs available on the CTA marketplace. These packs are already on the IMX network.

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