To Sell a Card

How to sell a card?

Before started, it's important to understand that only CTA assets in NFT format can be sold, such as Eternal cards. If your cards are not Eternal, here's the article explaining how to mint, or transform, a Flex card into an Eternal card.

To sell a card, log in to your account on the CTA Portal. Navigate to your assets in "My Assets":

To sell multiple cards at once, click on the small button next to the filters:

Select all the cards you want to sell at once and at the same price, then click on "List for Sale" and enter the price. Note that your sale price includes marketplace fees. On the right, you have the final price, the public price. On the left, it's the amount you will receive if the sale is validated. Please note, ALL selected cards will be listed at the same price.

Pour vendre une seule carte, choisissez la carte parmi tout vos assets :

Then click on "List for Sale":

Enter the desired price and click on "Validate":


1. If I sell a card that I use in my deck for playing, what happens?

Your deck will become incomplete, and you will not be able to play it until you update it.

2. I see there are fees when I sell a card, where do they come from?

Indeed, a 5% fee applies on the CTA marketplace. 2% of these fees correspond to the IMX blockchain fees, and the remaining 3% are for Cross The Ages.

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