To Buy a Card

How to buy a card?

To purchase a card, you need to go to the marketplace located on the CTA Portal, then log in to your game account or via a local wallet. Next, go to the "Market" tab.

Choose "Products" to access a list of all CTA assets:

On "Items" tab, you have an individual view of all CTA assets:

By clicking on the card, you will have access to all its metadata, including various statistics such as recent sale prices and the button to purchase:

Once you've made your selection, click on the "Buy" button and then confirm your purchase:

For security purposes, a MagicLink validation email may be required during the first purchase. That's it! The card is yours, and you can find it directly in-game and in "My Assets."

To purchase multiple cards at once

You can make bulk purchases by selecting multiple items at once. To do this, click on the small button next to the filters in the "Items" category.

Select all the cards you want to buy at once, then click on "Buy." The total purchase price of all the selected assets will be displayed on the right corner.


1. On the CTA marketplace, do I only see purchases/sales made on this marketplace alone?

No, you can track all the exchanges made on all marketplaces such as Tokentrove, IMX Rarible, etc. You can do it because everything is on the blockchain.

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