It should be noted that each land is associated with a faction, an element, and a location.

Two main mechanics are then associated with a land:

  • Attack

  • Defense


To attack a land, the player must confront the dungeon associated with the targeted land.

To succeed in the attack, the player must complete the dungeon within the time limit, which means defeating its boss as well as a large percentage of the units present.

It is possible to attack a land alone or with up to 4 players. The health points of units are obviously increased depending on the number of players.

The power of weapons and their element play an essential role in the success of the attack. The higher the power of the attacker's weapon (or weapons), the easier it will be to succeed. To achieve this, two main parameters increase its power: its tier and its rarity. Note that bonuses and penalties will also be applied depending on the element of the weapon compared to the element of the dungeon being attacked.

Finally, it is important to note that it will be necessary to possess an Eternal weapon to plunder the CTA token generator and the Trisel generator of a land. However, a Flex or Static weapon will suffice to recover Energy.


On the defender's side, the higher the level of the dungeon, the more difficult the dungeon attack will be.

To increase its defense, the player must add Trading Card Game (TCG) cards according to certain constraints:

  • The faction and element of the cards used for defense must be the same as the land.

To establish a good defense, it will be necessary to use cards of all rarities:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Ultra Rare

  • Mythic

If the player wishes to maximize their defense, it will be necessary to possess cards of all rarities since a certain number of cards of each rarity will be required. Defense planning is done by filling card slots available for each rarity.

All cards, including Standard ones, can be used for defense. However, the lower the rank of the card, the weaker the defense it provides. Conversely, the higher the rank of the card (S grade), the more significant the defense it provides.

SR cards can be placed in all slots, but the higher the slot rarity, the less defense the SR provides. The rank of the SR will not be taken into account. A bonus will simply be added if an SR alternative is used compared to a standard one.

Combo cards will also provide a defense bonus compared to a non-combo card.

In addition to these 5 required rarities, 1 "Bonus" slot will be available to place a special card to increase the defense of the lands:

  • 1 Unique card provides 100% of the land's maximum defense.

  • 1 Combo SR card provides a defense bonus to the overall land defense based on the number of cards required for its crafting and its rank.

The maximum defense of a land will be 100%, and it will be impossible to exceed this value.

The defense percentage allows two things:

  • Secure a part of the Proof of defense. Example: If the defense percentage is 50%, then 50% of the yield of resources obtained in level 3 are then secured (it will then be impossible to loot them by attacking).

  • Increase the difficulty of your defense dungeon in Arise

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