On the TCG, you'll encounter characters from the Cross The Ages universe across 7 elements: Life, Earth, Darkness, Water, Fire, Light, and Air. They are all interconnected by relationships of strength and weakness within an heptagram. As you'll also read below, combined relationships exist such as alliances, affinities, and trinities.


As you may have read in the lore of Cross The Ages, there are 3 factions: to the West, Arkhante; to the East, the continental city of Mantris; and in between, serving as a border, the Rift, a land of battles and desolation. Each of these factions is therefore assigned the 7 mentioned elements. On the TCG, cards, even from different factions, can share the same element.


A card is stronger than another if it has at least +5 more power points. Depending on its element and position within the heptagram, a card is in a situation of strength, weakness, or combination compared to other cards. This means:

Strength relation

A card whose element is in a position of strength has an advantage of +200 power points. Example: A Life element card has an attack bonus of +200 points against an Earth or Water element card.

Weakness relation

A card whose element is in a position of weakness thus incurs a penalty of -200 power points. Using the example above, an Earth element card incurs a penalty of -200 points compared to a Life element card, but also a Light element card.

Reinforcement system

On the board, cards can gain power, have a power boost, if they establish one of the following 3 relationships:


Two cards of the same element but from different factions gain a power boost of +100. When the card is played, this boost applies and remains for both cards until the alliance is broken by the opponent. Example: A Light Arkhante card is in alliance with a Light Mantris card.


Two cards are in affinity when they have combined elements, regardless of the faction. The power boost of +100 applies to both cards until the affinity is broken by the opponent. Example: A Light card can be in affinity with a Life card or a Water card.


Three cards are in trinity if three consecutive elements on the heptagram are in contact on the board, regardless of the faction. Each card in the trinity receives a power boost of +100 points.

These 3 reinforcements are cumulative and are represented in the shield icon at the bottom left of the card, once played on the board.

Understanding the heptagram and its relationships is crucial for building your card deck and adopting the best gameplay strategies according to the rules.

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