Lands, one of the cornerstones of Arise, are virtual territories present in the game. Every Arise player must possess one. This first land will be obtained free of charge when creating the account. It is possible, of course, to obtain multiple lands per account, but then one must be capable of protecting them.

Type of Land

A land is characterized by several aspects:

  • Faction: A land is associated with one of the three factions: Arkhante, Mantris, Rift.

  • Location: Each land is associated with a specific location and thus with the corresponding dungeon for the defense of that location.

  • Element: A possessed land is always associated with one of the 7 elements.

  • Quantity of secondary resources: The total quantity of secondary resources is identical across all lands in Arise; however, the distribution of these resources may vary.

The only difference between lands that are obtained or purchased directly during account creation and lands that are purchased during limited quantity sales is that the latter possess a CTA Token generator and a Trisel generator.

Lands purchased directly in-game (which are not tied to the real-world power farms) will only have an Energy generator.

Additionally, upon purchase, these lands will have several tier 1 buildings, each with a specific role ranging from refining secondary resources, manufacturing weapons, to retrieving rewards.

There are several types of buildings:

  • Refining Building: This building allows the refining of all raw secondary resources collected on the land.

  • Manufacturing Building: This building, thanks to the refining of secondary resources and the primary resource, allows the creation of tools necessary for harvesting secondary resources, as well as the ability to upgrade weapons.

  • Generator: This building produces the primary resources.

  • Interaction Building: This building allows players to access Arise functionalities such as launching dungeons, retrieving rewards, etc.

All buildings except for CTA Token generators, Trisel generators, and Interaction buildings can be upgraded in exchange for refined secondary resources and a certain amount of primary resources.

All upgradeable buildings have 7 tiers.

To refine or manufacture a tool or weapon of a specific tier, it will be necessary to have a building of the same tier and to use secondary resources of that same tier.

Primary Resources

Each land contains up to 3 generators:

  • Energy

  • Trisel

  • CTA Token

Trisel and CTA Token are in-game currencies detailed in the Economy section.

However, Energy is the primary resource of the Land. This resource is unique to each Land and is consumed for all actions within it, such as retrieving secondary resources, upgrading buildings, crafting potions, tools, weapons, or upgrading weapons.

The retrieval of resources produced by the generators is broken down into 3 parts:

  • Proof of Ownership: Simply owning the land grants access to 50% of each of the daily available resources.

  • Proof of Activity: Players have the ability to accumulate Victory Points (VP) each day in the Cross The Ages universe, thus justifying their activity. These accumulated points allow them to access an additional 25% of each of the resources.

  • Proof of Defense: An "attack/defense mechanism" is present around the lands to enable obtaining an additional 25% of each of the resources.

The "Proof of Purchase" does not exist for Trisel and Energy. The production of these two resources is obtained solely through "Proof of Activity" and "Proof of Defense."

As the owner of lands, it will be necessary to successfully complete both "Proof of Activity" and "Proof of Defense" to maximize the quantity of resources obtained.

Thanks to "Proof of Defense," lands are at the heart of CTA game interoperability.

This "attack-defense mechanism" allows any player, alone or in a group, to attack another player's land in an attempt to "steal" the resources associated with the "Proof of Defense."

Secondary Resources

Other resources will also be available on the land, but these cannot be plundered and will be at the heart of Arise's crafting mechanism.

Once refined, these resources will be used to:

  • Craft tools

  • Upgrade weapons

  • Upgrade buildings

  • Craft potions

All weapons and potions crafted, as well as all secondary resources, can be traded through an auction house present on the lands (for non-Eternal items).

The distribution of secondary resources will not be identical across all lands. All lands will have an equivalent of "200%" of secondary resources, but they will be distributed differently. For example, one land may have 100% of resource 1, 75% of resource 2, and 25% of resource 3. These resources will be randomly assigned at the time of purchase.

Genesis Lands

Genesis Lands are particular lands due to:

  • Their location

  • Their quantity

The quantity of Genesis Lands with CTA Token generators available for sale is much lower than other lands, as specified in the Lands Sale Process section.

The location of these lands is very specific, as each one is associated with the capital of each faction:

  • Nepthys

  • Noria

  • Desner

The dungeons associated with these lands will be specific dungeons, as they are the main dungeons of the factions. They are not available during the Early Access in Arise but will arrive later.

Furthermore, these lands will offer owners access to a unique feature in these capitals.

Non-Genesis Lands

These lands are similar to Genesis Lands but are not associated with the capitals. They are placed in different locations in Artellium and are associated with classic dungeons.

The quantity of lands with CTA Token generators will be higher.

This section is closely related to the Dungeons section, which provides many details.

Example of metadata for a Land:

  • Edition: Enum [S0-0, S0-1, S0-2]

  • Faction Enum [Arkhante, Mantris, Rift]

  • Element Enum [Life, Earth, Dark, Water, Fire, Light, Air]

  • Numbering Int [1-20000]

  • LevelCTAToken Int [1-5]

  • LevelTrisel Int [1-7]

  • LevelEnergy Int [1-7]

  • %Stone Int [25-100]

  • %Wood Int [25-100]

  • %Ore Int [25-100]

  • TierBuildingRefiningStone: Int [1-7]

  • TierBuildingRefiningWood: Int [1-7]

  • TierBuildingRefiningOre: Int [1-7]

  • TierBuildingRefiningFish: Int [1-7]

  • TierBuildingForge: Int [1-7]

  • TierBuildingTools: Int [1-7]

  • TierBuildingAlchemy: Int [1-7]

  • TierHouse: Int [1-7]

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