Cards in Cross The Ages: TCG represent characters from the various factions of the lore: Arkhante, Mantris, and Rift.

Each card has an element and a power. Other characteristics such as rank and grade exist. The player can evolve his cards through crafting.

They are divided into 5 rarities:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Ultra Rare

  • Mythic

And supplemented by 3 additional rarities:

  • Special Rare: Hybrid card

  • Exclusive: Alternative artwork

  • Unique: Only one copy of card

Finally, there is a cosmetic feature, approximately 10% of the cards are Foil (shiny).

The status

In order to cater to different types of players, the cards exist in three status:

  • Static cards are mostly obtained through in-game rewards.

  • Flex cards are mostly purchased in the store. A player can transform them into Static or Eternal cards.

  • Eternal cards are blockchain cards in the form of NFTs. Primarily obtained by transforming Flex cards through the mint action. They can also be bought/sold to other players.

All of these cards can be used within a Deck to play a game.


Power Up

Power Up allows you to upgrade a Standard card and make it more powerful by increasing its rank.

For this, other Standard cards must be sacrificed.


Awakening allows you to create an Alternative card from a Standard card that has been enhanced to its maximum rank.

During awakening, the standard card is burned, and in exchange, you receive a new card with new artwork and a new power determined by its Grade, the card in Alternative version.

The grade of an awakened card is random and can be C, B, A, or S. S being the rarest and most powerful.


Merge allows you to create Combo cards from Alternative cards.

These cards are the most powerful in the game.

Crafting Evolution

Crafting is highly appreciated by players. Just like the gameplay, it will also undergo some adjustments.

In 2024, the following modifications will be made:

  • Open crafting to Static cards

  • Introduce the Stone system for Power Up

  • Trisel will only be required for Eternal cards

  • The Awakening probabilities of a card will be simplified

  • Merge probabilities will be proportional based on Grades

  • All cards (Standard, Alternative, Combo) can be recycled into Stones

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