An Accessible Economy

In all Cross The Ages games, we find a consistent economy based on 2 currencies and a very specific pass allowing access to unique features:

Additionally, our goal is to enable players to have ownership of their assets and to choose what they wish to do with them. This is why we use blockchain technology and NFTs.

To maintain this segmentation while providing the best possible experience, our assets exist in three forms:

  • Static: These assets cannot be minted; they remain digital. They allow players to progress in CTA games and offer a genuine gaming experience without adding constraints to the onboarding process. They also facilitate game progression without impacting the total quantity of Eternals.

  • Flex: This type of asset represents the bridge between Web2 and Web3. These digital assets can be transformed into NFTs/Eternals. They can only be obtained through purchase in the store or via the leaderboard. This allows for control over the number of assets, limiting botting risks while retaining the "Play And Earn" concept through the leaderboard. To enhance an asset, players must transform it into "Static" or "Eternal." The "Flex" type is temporary in nature and only exists in the standard state.

  • Eternal: When an asset is minted, it becomes an Eternal/NFT.

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