CTA Token

The CTA Token is the currency of the world of Artellium. It serves various purposes in the Cross The Ages universe, whether you're a player or an investor.

What is the CTA Token used for?

Its primary function is to align its value with that of the project's assets and its adoption.

As a player, owning it contributes to skill progression and pushes the exploration of the Cross The Ages universe further. Some options are only accessible if you own CTA tokens, such as the ability to mint your Flex items into Eternal items and thus become the owner on the blockchain.

As an investor, charging Mint Passes with CTA tokens guarantees airdrops each season of Special Rare (SR) cards for the TCG or passive accumulation of Victory Points.

Additional functionalities for the CTA token will be introduced as the universe develops, such as buying and selling cards on the marketplace, renting cards, and transforming NFT cards into physical cards.

The development of the Artellium world is done in alignment with CTA to ensure a viable and sustainable virtual economy.

How to get CTA Token?

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