Immerse yourself in the heart of a fascinating epic that transcends the boundaries between fantasy, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic with Cross The Ages. This saga, comprising of 7 books spread over a decade, begins with the first installment, "La Rune et le Code," available in bookstores starting April 10, 2024, followed by the second one later in the same year, in over 500 points of sale.

The Universe of Cross The Ages, shaped by the words of Arnaud Dollen, the lead author, and his team, The Architects of the Universe, serves as the foundation for a diverse range of products, games, films/series, and much more. Whether you are an avid gamer, a passionate cinephile, or a seasoned reader, the Universe of Cross The Ages welcomes you into its captivating depths.

This saga is not simply a series of books, but rather a chorus of voices that explores a multitude of perspectives, avoiding any conventional dualism. The complex characters present varied personalities and deep stakes, intertwining grand intrigues for the universe of Artellium and poignant personal quests.

At the heart of the plot lies the evocative quote: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." This phrase resonates throughout the civilizations of Arkhante, steeped in magic, and Mantris, guided by ultra-connectivity. Together, they must overcome their fundamental differences to present a united front in the face of an imminent resource crisis.

However, the Rift, a barren desert resulting from their previous confrontation, continues to divide these civilizations. The inhabitants of Artellium are faced with an existential challenge: to find a harmonious balance with their neighbors, their environment, and the vast world around them.

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