Tokenomics and Distribution

Below you will find details regarding token distribution and descriptions of each stakeholder.

As a reminder:

  • Vesting is the progressive period during which tokens are unlocked each month in equal amounts.

  • Lock (or Cliff) is the period during which tokens are locked, and Vesting begins at the end of this period.

The max supply is 500 million CTA tokens.

Reserve and Treasury

  • 20% (100,000,000 tokens)

  • Lock Period: 24 months / Vesting: 36 months

  • It ensures healthy long-term growth, enabling the development and support of new projects for the company.

Funding Team

  • 10% (50,000,000 tokens)

  • Lock Period: 18 months / Vesting: 48 months

  • The funding team is represented by the project's founding team.

Extern Team

  • 4.6% (23,000,000 tokens)

  • Lock Period: 12 months / Vesting: 48 months

  • Animation, world-renowned artists.


  • 4% (20,000,000 tokens)

  • Lock Period: - / Vesting: 24 months

  • This portion is specifically allocated for marketing activities. This includes all expenses related to building brand awareness, promoting the project, engaging with communities, and efforts to attract users and investors.


  • 4% (20,000,000 tokens)

  • Lock Period : - / Vesting: 12 months

  • This portion concerns individuals advising the project. Advisors play a key role by bringing their expertise, skills, and network to support the project.


  • 13.8% (69,000,000 tokens, price 0.043$/U)

  • Lock Period: 9 months / Vesting: 36 months

  • This refers to participants in the initial fundraising phase for a project, even before a public sale. Investors participating in the "seed" phase are often strategic investors, friends, family members, or early supporters of the project. These investors are willing to take on higher risk because they believe in the long-term potential of the project.


  • 27.6% (138,000,000 tokens, price 0.065$/U)

  • Period Lock: 6 months / Vesting: 24 months

  • The private sale consists of institutional investors, venture capital funds, high-net-worth individuals, or other selected parties who can purchase tokens at an agreed price before the tokens are made available in presale or public sale.


  • 5% (25,000,000 tokens, price 0.13$/U)

  • Period Lock: - / Vesting: 12 months

  • Late investors and partners.

Presale Community

  • 5% (25,000,000 tokens, price 0.13$/U before 2023.03.29, and 0.25$ from 2023.03.29)

  • Lock Period: - / Vesting: -

  • This part is dedicated to individuals who have opened packs from Season 01 Arkhante and receive a CTA token airdrop. They also have the option to purchase a specific amount based on the type of pack opened at $0.13 before 2023.03.29, then at $0.25 after 2023.03.29. Starting from 2024.02.21, this opportunity extends to individuals who load the MINT PASSES obtained in the packs or on the secondary market with a certain amount based on the latter.

Public Sale

  • 6% (30,000,000 tokens available, public TGE price 0.25$)

  • Lock Period: - / Vesting: -

  • This last section concerns the public sale of the token via exchanges, launchpads, various platforms, partners and in the Cross The Ages store.

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