Arise features many dungeons, each focused on a point of interest of the lore.

These dungeons are characterized by a location, a faction, and an element.

Game Modes

All dungeons in the game are available in two game modes:

  • Exploration Mode

  • Competitive Mode

Exploration Mode

This game mode requires no prerequisites to access and can only be played solo.

It allows players to explore the dungeons at their own pace without any time constraints, enabling them to appreciate the environment, design, and associated story.

The rewards got in this mode will only be unlocked upon the first completion of the dungeon.

Competitive Mode

Competitive Mode requires a leader key and can be played with 1 to 4 players.

A key is assigned to the player upon character creation and remains associated with that player.

It has a level and is linked to a dungeon.

In this mode, the dungeon level is defined by the key used by the leader, which adjusts the health and damage of all units in the dungeon.

Completing the dungeon requires eliminating a certain percentage of the dungeon's units and defeating the boss.

Additionally, a timer is present in this game mode, allowing players to increase their key level upon completion.

There are three scenarios for key evolution:

  • If the dungeon is not completed (players leave the dungeon without completing it), the dungeon key used will be lowered by one level, but the dungeon will remain the same.

  • If the dungeon is completed but not within the time limit, rewards will be obtained, but the dungeon key used will be lowered by one level, and the dungeon will be randomly removed from all available dungeons.

  • If the dungeon is completed and successfully done within the time limit, rewards will be obtained, and the dungeon key used will be increased proportionally to the completion speed (up to +3 levels on the key used). Additionally, the dungeon associated with the key will then be randomly selected from all available dungeons.

The higher the level of the dungeon, the more it will contain dungeon modifiers that will require players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

Modifiers are independent features of the dungeon element that add new parameters to consider.

The modifier for the Early Access is the Ravix associated with an element, with the element changing weekly.

  • Example of a modifier: Fire Ravix are present at various locations in the dungeon. When activated by a player, they send waves of fire around them for a certain duration, inflicting significant damage to all nearby enemy units.

All runs completed in this mode will be recorded in the leaderboard. To climb the leaderboard, players will need to demonstrate ingenuity and cooperation to complete dungeons at the highest difficulty levels since there is no maximum level.

In this mode, many rewards await players at the end of dungeons upon completion, allowing them to fill their collection of weapons and upgrade them.

Types of Dungeons

There are two types of dungeons:

  • Genesis Dungeons

  • Classic Dungeons

Genesis Dungeon

In Arise, there are only 3 Genesis dungeons. These are specific dungeons that are larger than the classic dungeons. They are as the main dungeons of the Artellium capitals:

  • Arkhante: Nephtys - 7 elements

  • Mantris: Noria - 7 elements

  • Rift: Desner - 7 elements

As specific dungeons, they will not be available during the Early Access and will be integrated into the game later.

Classic Dungeon

This type of dungeon is the common type. All dungeons, except for Genesis dungeons, are classic ones. These dungeons generally consist of 5 to 6 rooms and contain approximately 13 enemy units.

In these dungeons, there are 4 types of enemies, each with their own specificity:

  • Common: There are about 3 Common units per dungeon, making them very common and often present in large quantities. The latter are vulnerable to all strike effects (effect destabilizing the unit applied for each auto-attack and each combo) and control effects (effect controlling the unit applied by a control spell). They have few hit points, and deal light damage.

  • Rare: There are about 6 Rare units per dungeon. They are immune to striking effects but vulnerable to all control effects. They have more hit points than Commons and deal moderate damage.

  • Elite: There are about 3 Elite units per dungeon. They are immune to control and striking effects, have higher hit points than Rares, and can deal very heavy damage.

  • Boss: There is only one Boss per dungeon. It is immune to control and striking effects, has numerous hit points, and multiple attacks. It is typically found in the last room of dungeons.

3 dungeons will be available for the Early Access of Arise:

  • Rift: The Bone Wall - 7 elements

  • Arkhante: The Crucible Assault - 7 elements

  • Mantris: Laboratory - 7 elements

The element of these dungeons in Exploration and Competitive modes will change every week (this will obviously not be the case for the dungeons associated with lands, where the element will be assigned at the time of purchase).

New dungeons will be added regularly, one per faction.

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