SR Combo - Hannibal & Honora (HH)


The Hannibal & Honora card is a Special Rare (SR) Combo card from the Season 01 - Arkhante. It was possible to get it by opening the first 10,000 Premium packs of Arkhante. Today, it is only available on the secondary market, on the marketplace. The supply of 10,000 has been reached.

But why dedicate an entire article to this card? Certainly, it is the very first SR card of the first season... but what else?

Airdrop of similar SR combo

If you are the owner of a Hannibal & Honora SR Combo card today, you will have the chance to receive, free of charge as an airdrop, the equivalent SR Combo card with the same attributes for each new season of the TCG.

Example: I have the Hannibal & Honora card, Grade A, number 226. For the Season 02 - Mantris, I receive the SR Combo Grade A card, with the number 226 as well and the corresponding element:

The Hannibal & Honora card could greatly enhance your experience in Arise, as SR cards play an important role in the land attack/defense system.

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