Where are my CTA Assets?

CTA Assets, preview

To understand where CTA assets are stored, first of all it is necessary to understand that there are 2 types of assets:

  1. CTA "digital" assets, stored on CTA servers, such as Static and Flex cards.

  2. CTA NFT-type assets, stored on the ImmutableX blockchain, such as Eternal cards and mint passes.

This article focuses on NFTs to explain where and how they are managed, and what this implies for you.

How to access to your NFTs?

To access to your NFTs, you need a wallet. When you create your game account, CTA automatically provides you with one, known as the game wallet. You can activate it at any time from the CTA Portal. Once activated, you will have an address on the ImmutableX blockchain. Your NFTs will be stored at this address. An address is public, so anyone can view its contents. However, no one else besides you can access the assets at this address. Why? Because you are the only one with access to the private key that controls this address. Possession of the private key makes you the owner of the assets. For the security of your assets, it is not recommended to share this key with anyone!

Private Key

The private key is randomly generated by the wallet and can be viewed from the CTA portal via the "Reveal" option in your account. Know that:

  • Your address and your private key, together compose a unique pair.

  • Nothing can be moved from your address without validation by your private key (it's like a signature certifying that it's indeed you who initiated a request).

  • Validating an operation with your private key requires action on your part and a wallet.

  • In the game wallet, the generation of the key and the validation of operations requiring this key are managed by the Magic Link service.

Reveal and use the private key

A private key can be used (imported) into any external wallet working with the ImmutableX blockchain. However, this does not change the location of the assets: they remain at the same address because 1 private key = 1 address.

If you have imported your private key into a now unsupported wallet (such as MetaMask), your assets remain stored on the Immutable X blockchain at that address and can still be managed with the game wallet. External wallets like MetaMask, Rabby, or others are just as a reader of your game wallet. Your NFTs do not change one place to another!

Before using your private key in multiple wallets, be cautious:

  • The more it is replicated in different places, the higher the risk of hacking.

  • Always verify the origin of what you download/install on your devices. Many scams exist.

You HAVE TO know:

If someone asks for your private key, they are trying to steal you. The Cross The Ages team (developers, support, moderators, Discord administrators, etc.) will NEVER ask for your private key!

Pour résumer

  • CTA NFTs are stored on the ImmutableX blockchain.

  • CTA provides a wallet, the game wallet, for using these NFTs in-game.

  • Only assets are in the address associated with this wallet can be used in the game.

  • 1 address = 1 private key viewed via the "Reveal" button on the CTA portal.

  • It's this private key that allows you to move your assets.

  • CTA offers players the choice to export or not their private key to other wallets than the game wallet. They can thus own multiple wallets that can interact with the assets at this address.

  • In the event of a player accessing or using their private key, it is the player's responsibility to ensure its security.


1. GameStop has just announced that they will be closing their wallet service soon. Will I lose all my CTA NFT cards?

No, as mentioned in the article, GameStop is just an external wallet (like Rabby, MetaMask, etc.) and only reads what you have on your game wallet, reading your cards stored on the ImmutableX blockchain. If you want to use another external wallet, you just need to repeat the steps taken for GameStop: reveal your private key from the CTA Portal.

2. I just bought a card on the Rarible marketplace via my Rabby wallet, but I don't see this card in-game to play with. Why?

You probably purchased the card from a Rabby account other than the one used to read the CTA game wallet. If that's the case, simply transfer it from one account to the other, and you will find it in-game with all your other cards.

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