The player must start by creating a character and choosing an element for them.

The element of this character has a major impact on their strengths and weaknesses.

The player can create multiple characters per account, but this number will still be limited.

The first characters available in Arise during the Early Access will be from the Arkhante faction, one of the factions of Cross The Ages.

Other characters will be added to Arise regularly with different appearances and factions.

Character Creation

During character creation, the player can choose an appearance from all available options. Once selected, the player must complete a quick questionnaire to determine their preferred element. They then have the choice between their preferred element and any other element of their choosing.

Character Faction

The character's faction is associated with their appearance and cannot be changed. The faction will affect the penalty applied to the weapon used based on the faction of the weapon being wielded.

Example: If the character is of the Arkhante faction and wields an Arkhante weapon, no penalty will be applied.

Character Element

A character can be associated with one of the 7 elements, selected by the player during creation.

The character's element plays two roles:

  • Damage Modifier: A bonus or penalty is applied to the damage the character receives from creatures based on the element of the dungeon. For example, if a Fire character attacks a Water dungeon, they will take more damage from all creatures in the dungeon. Conversely, if the character's element matches or counters the dungeon's element, the damage taken will be reduced.

  • Talent Tree: In the talent tree, all effects of talents in the same element as the character are more potent. For instance, if my character is Fire-aligned, Fire talents will be more powerful.

Talent Tree

Each character possesses a talent tree.

It consists of 7 lines, one for each element.

Each line is composed of 7 talents.

Each talent has three levels.

It is necessary to spend one talent point per level.

The talent tree can be modified at any time, and each character can save multiple talent configurations so that they can be quickly modified.

A character has one talent point for each level of the character. If the player is level 30, they have 30 points to spend in the talent tree.

Whenever a unit is eliminated in a dungeon, the character will receive a certain amount of experience.

Learning Tree

Each character has a learning tree.

Each action performed in Arise allows progress in their learning tree for each branch:

  • Weapon crafting

  • Tool crafting

  • Potion crafting

  • Weapon usage

  • Tool usage

  • Resource refinement

Learning progression on each branch allows unlocking all 7 tiers (crafting and usage).

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