Arise is built around four main elements:

  1. Characters

  2. Weapons

  3. Dungeons

  4. Lands

Upon creating their account, the player must create a character.

Once a character is created, the next step is to choose a land if they do not already own one.

Through this land, the player can then engage in a wide range of activities:

  • Inventory management

  • Skill tree management

  • Talent tree management

  • Building management

  • Gathering primary resources

  • Gathering secondary resources

  • Refining secondary resources

  • Crafting tools

  • Crafting potions

  • Weapon enhancement

  • Resource trading

The character must complete dungeons to retrieve weapons of all elements and thus be able to specialize their character in the element of their choice.

The character's element plays a role in the damage taken by units and in the talent tree, but it does not constrain the player to a specific gameplay. Each weapon has a very different gameplay, and the player always has the option to change weapons at any time.

Beyond the gameplay associated with the weapon, its element also plays a role in the damage inflicted on units depending on the element of the dungeon being attacked. A bonus or penalty will then be applied based on the two elements.

Arise is a multiplayer action RPG played in third person. The gameplay is associated with the weapons rather than the character.

Each weapon has a basic attack and 3 combos, each costing a certain amount of energy to use. They also have 3 spells associated with a cooldown, so the use of these must be chosen carefully, as well as the ultimate, which has a much longer cooldown.

In addition, characters can all perform dodge actions to avoid damage when used at the right time and use potions to restore their health points.

Thanks to their weapons, the character can then explore points of interest in the Cross The Ages story through dungeons. If these are successfully completed, many tier 1 weapons can be retrieved.

All dungeons can be played solo or in multiplayer up to 4 players. In competitive mode (detailed in the Dungeons section), it is strongly recommended to do them with others (up to 4 players) to benefit from multiple weapons and their respective skills.

To improve their weapons, the player will need to fuse a large number of them and also have learned how to enhance them. Furthermore, upgrading these weapons requires several secondary resources of the same tier as the enhancement tier. To upgrade a tier 7 fire weapon, for example, the player will need to fuse tier 6 fire weapons as well as refined tier 7 secondary resources.

Collaborative work and character specification are strongly encouraged in Arise.

All secondary resources in Arise, as well as refined resources or crafted items, will have been obtained or crafted by players. In Arise, the economy is controlled by players. Only primary resources and tier 1 weapons can be directly obtained in exchange for player activity in the form of loot/recovery at the end of dungeons or through the completion of daily objectives.

In Arise, each player can play a very important role, choose what they want to do, and specialize in:

  • Secondary resource recovery

  • Weapon usage

  • Weapon enhancement

  • Potion crafting

If they wish, each player can do everything, but it will require a significant time investment.

Every action taken in Arise allows players to gain learning skills and unlock access to higher tiers for each role, whether it's crafting or usage.

Many dungeons representing various points of interest from the Lore will be regularly added to the game, each associated with a faction, a location, and an element.

Numerous major features are also planned to be added, such as capitals, the addition of PvP dungeons, the inclusion of guild territories, and much more...

Whether you're a PvE or competitive player, a PvP player, a player who wants to specialize in gathering or resource trading, everyone will have a role to play in Arise and can find their path.

Many updates are already planned over several years.

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