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To use the marketplace, sell, buy cards or other Cross The Ages assets, you must have USDC in your account, generally in your game wallet.

USDC is a cryptocurrency whose price does not move (or very little) based on the value of the US Dollar: 1 USDC = US $1. Please note that Cross The Ages marketplace assets are on the ImmutableX (IMX) blockchain (network), so you will only be able to use USDC from IMX.

Let's see how to add and withdraw USDC from your game account!

Add USDC to your gaming account

Do you want to buy any cards or other assets on the CTA marketplace and don't have enough USDC? You have two ways to add liquidity to your CTA account:

1. Via a bank card, MoonPay

If you are not a fan of cryptocurrencies or simply want to make your purchase using a traditional bank card, with the MoonPay tool, you can buy USDC and receive them directly on your CTA game wallet. Let show you!

  1. Go to the CTA Portal, log in to your CTA account

  2. Click Add/Transfer Funds

  3. Click Add funds with MoonPay

  4. Select the recipient wallet or add one by clicking Add a custom wallet. In general, you will select your game wallet. For more information on the different wallets, here is the article.

  5. Click Add Funds and then Continue.

  6. A new window opens. Choose your currency (Euro, Dollar, etc.) and the amount to send. Then click Continue.

  7. Enter your email address and click Continue or Sign in with a Google account. For security purposes, enter the verification code sent to you by email.

  8. Enter your banking details or select your pre-registered card.

  9. All you have to do is click on Pay. You may be asked for validation from your banking institution.

  10. You can come back to the CTA marketplace, refresh the page, you got your USDC! Good purchases!

2. Via another cryptocurrency wallet, Layerswap

If you already have USDC on another cryptocurrency wallet, but on another blockchain than IMX, Layerswap is a simple, low-fee solution that the CTA community often uses. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the CTA Portal, log in to your CTA account

  2. Click Add/Transfer Funds

  3. Click on Transfer Funds with Layerswap

  4. Select the recipient wallet or add one by clicking Add a custom wallet. In general, you will select your game wallet. For more information on the different wallets, here is the article. Click on Transfer then on Continue.

  5. A new window opens with the Layerswap tool. If you have your USDC on an Exchange like Binance, Bybit or other, in From select your Exchange. If your USDC are on MetaMask or another decentralized wallet, in From select the blockchain (network) where your USDC are on.

  6. In To, choose the ImmutableX blockchain (network), the network on which your CTA game account is.

  7. In the Amount section, enter the amount to transfer and choose USDC.

  8. Below To ImmutableX address, paste the address of your game wallet, address like 0xc3d...05h1. You can find it and then copy it directly from the CTA Portal by clicking on the 2 small golden squares in the My Account section, to the right of your Game Wallet address.

  9. Click Swap Now, then on the next page, review the information. Click Confirm.

  10. If you opted for the Exchange option in step 6 choose the Manually option to copy the Deposit Address to transfer USDC from your Exchange to Layerswap. If you chose the option with a decentralized wallet, choose the Via wallet option to connect directly to your MetaMask (or other) account.

  11. On your Exchange/MetaMask, validate your USDC transfer to Layerswap. Layerswap will thus be able to swap your USDC to your game account on the IMX network. The transfer may take a few minutes, be patient, it's in progress!

Withdraw USDC from your gaming account

Do you want to withdraw USDC from CTA? For this you have to use Layerswap or another similar platform. The fact that Cross The Ages does not allow native withdrawal from its platform and is also dependent on the configuration of Layerswap, you must first make an initial funds transfer to MetaMask as follows:

Step 1: Transfer USDC to MetaMask

  1. Connect your MetaMask account to the CTA Portal directly from your MetaMask options.

  2. It is now visible here in Local Wallet

  3. So, select your MetaMask account in the Local wallet and enter the amount in USDC to transfer. Your USDC are now on your MetaMask, still on the IMX blockchain. It is normal that you do not see them, because MetaMask does not support the IMX network. No worries, you can continue!

Step 2: From IMX network to another

Your first transfer is done, you can now move on to the 2nd and final step with Layerswap. Layerswap allows you to take your USDC out of the IMX blockchain (network), to transfer them to the network of your receiving wallet (Bsc, Polygon, Solana, Ethereum...).

  1. Simply repeat the Add USDC via Cryptocurrency Account process from step 5 but just by switching the networks:

    • From: ImmutableX (IMX)

    • To for the destination blockchain (network) of your receiving wallet, or your Exchange such as Binance, Bybit...

  2. To launch the swap, connect your MetaMask account from step 1 to take your USDC, still on the IMX network.

  3. Validate and wait a few minutes to receive your USDC on your receiving wallet.

Nice to know

  • Transfers between accounts on the IMX blockchain are free. You can therefore transfer USDC for free between several game wallets, cold wallets and others.


1. Can we use other cryptocurrencies than USDC on the CTA marketplace?

No, only USDC is used to buy and sell CTA assets on the CTA marketplace.

2. Can I send the USDC I have from any Blockchain?

Layerswap offers many possibilities, make sure that your blockchain (network) or Exchange is in the list before sending.

3. What are the costs of these MoonPay or Layerswap tools? And which one is the cheapest?

Before every transaction, it shows you the amount you will receive (and therefore the fees that will be applied). Layerswap is the cheapest, but requires you to already own USDC on another Blockchain or an exchange.

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