Sébastien Borget, Strategic Advisor

Sébastien Borget is an entrepreneur with 14 years of experience, specializing for 4 years in blockchain technology and 11 years in mobile games. As Co-founder and COO of The Sandbox since 2018, he leads this company in Paris, creating a unique virtual world based on blockchain. As President of the Blockchain Game Alliance, he has been recognized by CoinTelegraph among the 100 most influential people in crypto.

Paul Amsellem, Advisor

Since 2011, Paul Amsellem has been the CEO of Nemapp, a firm focused on consulting and investments in mobile companies such as Madvertise, S4M, Reworld Media, and others. He was also the COO of Nokia France in 2011, working on the partnership with Microsoft.

Previously, he sold Cellcast Interactive in 2006, becoming the Global Mobile CEO at Adenyo after the acquisition. He co-founded the French Mobile Marketing Association and CellCast Interactif, and created Phonevalley. He also led the database department at Wunderman Young and Rubicam.

His areas of expertise include business development, mobile marketing and technology, Internet of Things, data mining, and mobile entertainment.

Steve Rosenblum, Advisor

Steve Rosenblum is a Franco-Canadian entrepreneur. In 2000, he co-founded PIXmania, which became one of the leading e-commerce companies in Europe. In 2010, with his wife Chiara, he founded the contemporary art center "Rosenblum Collection & Friends" in Paris. In 2016, they launched BAIA BAIA in Bangkok, a fashion brand enabling instant customization of shoes and bags. In 2020, Steve turned to blockchain. In 2022, with his brother Jean-Emile, he relaunched PIXmania with a European marketplace concept focused on smartphones. In 2023, he raised 11 million euros for PIXmania and 4 million euros for Libertify, his innovative financial platform. Libertify won awards at the Hong Kong Fintech Week and Les Cas d'Or in France.

Steve Rosenblum is an entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce, private equity, blockchain technology, business turnaround, and fintech.

Gilles Meissonnier, Advisor

Gilles Meissonnier is a strategy and development expert, founder of GMC Consulting. With over 22 years of experience as CEO of DS Distribution - Distribution & Services, he played a key role in the growth, strategic development, and restructuring of the company. Before that, he worked at Capgemini as a senior consultant and held the position of Director of Business Development at Schlumberger Technologies.

Currently an independent advisor, he brings expertise in transition management, strategic planning, and change management to support SMEs and startups.

Gilles Meissonnier brings expertise in strategy and development, transition management, change management, and process optimization, with extensive experience in distribution.

Nicolas Jeuffrain, Advisor

Nicolas Jeuffrain, a passionate and versatile entrepreneur, is the Co-owner and President of Tenergie for over 15 years, contributing to the company's development in the energy sector. With a Master's degree in Telecom from the University of Paris-Dauphine, he began his career in telecommunications before co-founding Tenergie in 2008. An entrepreneur at heart, Nicolas also founded Gustavia Consulting and participated in the founding of several companies, demonstrating his all-around entrepreneurial spirit. He has also developed an innovative concept of autonomous farming at Domaine de Violaine in Venelles (13 - Bouches-du-Rhône), combining responsible agriculture and short supply chains.

His diversified background reflects his ability to anticipate market trends and innovate in different sectors.

Philippe Erb, Advisor

Philippe Erb, founder and CEO of BTC Mining Farm, is an entrepreneur in technology, financial services, and energy. For over three years, he has been running Bitcoin mining farms in the United States, adopting innovative technologies for eco-friendly Bitcoin production. As an ICO advisor at SaTT since 2016 and CEO of Public Expert Service since 2017, he has contributed to the development of blockchain and financial services projects. With significant experience at WooGroup and as a hedge fund manager, Philippe Erb embodies a versatile entrepreneur with a strategic vision and multidimensional expertise.

Philippe Erb accompanies CTA by bringing his diversified expertise in blockchain technology, financial services management, business expansion, and leadership in sectors such as finance, technology, and energy.

Sébastien Gault, Advisor

Sébastien Gault is a financial expert with over 20 years of experience in public and private markets. As Director and Wealth Management Advisor at BNY Mellon, he develops investment strategies focused on long-term wealth creation. With particular expertise in global real estate and alternative investments, Sébastien has held key positions at JMS Holdings and as a strategic advisor to the financial group CNL. He is also a founding investor of Fig & Olive and MILA, two popular restaurant concepts in the United States.

Sébastien brings a unique perspective to his financial initiatives.

Matthias Knelangen, Expert Marketplace

Matthias Knelangen is a director at, the leading European platform for trading cards. A passionate card game player and collector, he has been working at Cardmarket since 2007, in addition to holding a PhD in physics.

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