To Buy Pranah

The store allows you to purchase Pranah bundles through various payment methods, including traditional credit card payments or directly using cryptocurrencies in the CTA Portal's Market section. These Pranah bundles are also available for direct purchase in the game. Note that the Giga and Ultimate bundles are not available in-game on mobile versions. Additionally, bundles of 6,900 Pranah and above also include a souvenir card.

The purchased Pranah bundle will be directly visible in your Bundle assets and available in the Loot section of your game account. It can be opened in-app within the Loot section.

To Buy CTA token

You can also purchase CTA tokens from the CTA Portal's store. Like Pranah, it is available in bundles. The purchase is made exclusively in Pranah.

You can also purchase CTA tokens in batches of 10. 195 Pranah = 10 CTA tokens.


1. Can I buy Pranah with crypto?

Indeed, in the marketplace section, under "bundle", you can find Pranah bundles payable in USDC.

2. I bought a Pranah bundle, but I didn't receive the Pranah.

If this happens, go in-game to the Loot section. Your Pranah pack may need to be burned there before seeing in your game account.

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