Cross The Ages is an intellectual property (IP) whose essence is based on a mix of three major types of literature: fantasy, science-fiction, and post-apocalyptic.

The clash between these genres is the origin of the conflicts that divide the world of Artellium and its main plotline. Spanning 7 volumes over a period of approximately 10 years, the Cross The Ages saga establishes the foundations of a world plagued by geopolitical and systemic crises echoing our current earthly challenges.

The reader jumps into the heart of a rich and captivating universe, endowed with its own rules, codes, and symbols. Like an archaeologist, they explore the clues scattered throughout the story to unravel the mysteries and unveil the remnants of the past, thereby enlightening their understanding of the tensions that stir the world of Artellium. This invites them to emotionally engage with the characters, sharing in each of their decisions and the paths they take, for better or for worse.

Cross The Ages' objectives

It is on the solid foundation of the IP that our ambition and work are dedicated to transcending the boundary between the virtual and the real by offering products connected to the Cross The Ages universe, such as games that give players the opportunity not only to own digital assets but also to animate them and integrate them into the world through concrete actions like industrial and land activities.

Cross The Ages thus emerges as a ReVerse, a place that must be a desirable universe where enthusiasts, investors, developers, artists, and players come together to enrich it. Together, they build new community experiences by creating innovative games, thereby contributing to the creation of the bridge that will connect our current world to the virtual world of Artellium.

"Can human beings live in harmony with themselves and the world around them?"

"How can we sow new imaginations for the future in a world in crisis and turmoil?"

These are the main questions that have driven our writers since the beginning of the Cross The Ages adventure, a universe aiming to have a positive impact on our current crisis-ridden world by asking sometimes taboo questions.

It is for this purpose that Artellium will offer each of its participants the opportunity to explore and develop the ReVerse and connect them with each other with the aim of addressing these questions.

What do the notions of exploration and development mean?

Artellium must be a world where players can, in the long term, generate more wealth than they have invested, thus enabling the development of a complex imaginary society.

In traditional games, players often invest considerable time. Cross The Ages takes on the challenge of valuing this playtime. As a player, you will not only enjoy playing but also...

Why is it crucial to make Artellium economically viable?

We aim to develop a society that embodies Artellium and its values to actively and voluntarily promote them in the real world.

In order to fulfill its commitments as a Mission-Driven Company, CTA offers concrete and innovative solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of the gaming industry. To achieve this, CTA has chosen to invest tens of millions of dollars in the clean energy sector to contribute to the energy transition. However, to make transformative investments on a large scale, a productive revenue model is needed for its investors.

We aim to offer investors and players an innovative model that generates profits while fostering positive transformations in society.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

"All magic is a science whose physical laws await resolution."

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