The Architects of the Universe

The Cross The Ages saga is an unique story conceived and written by a collective of six French authors.

Arnaud Dollen

Main Author / Comic / Fantasy / Science fiction

After graduating as an engineer, Arnaud Dollen expanded his creative horizons by venturing into comic book and novel writing.

His imagination is fueled by his love of cinema and role-playing games, passions he has combined with his interest in science.

In 2010, his collaboration with Jérôme Alquié led to the publication of the comic book series Surnaturels (4 volumes published by Delcourt), featuring folklore creatures such as vampires, witches and ghosts. Then, in 2022, still with Jérôme Alquié, he published Saint Seiya - Time Odyssey, an original and official arc of the adventures of the Knights of the Zodiac, approved by the Master Kurumada himself.

Today, he is the main author of the Cross The Ages saga, surrounded by a prestigious team composed by Alain Damasio, Pablo Servigne, Héloïse Brezillon, Norbert Merjagnan and Fabrice Capizzano.

Alain Damasio

Author / Screenwriter / Science fiction / Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire

Alain Damasio is a French science fiction and fantasy writer, as well as a "typoet". He writes few but need to get the excellence. He is also co-founder of the video game studio Dontnod (Remember Me, Life is Strange, Lost Records).

In his work, he is inspired by Deleuze and Nietzsche to fuel his concrete struggles and successful novels such as La Zone du Dehors and La Horde du Contrevent, considered the greatest success of French science fiction in the last 25 years, with over 500,000 copies sold. He has won the Grand Prix de L'Imaginaire three times, notably for La Horde du Contrevent, Serf-Made-Man ? ou la créativité discutable de Nolan Peskine et Les Furtifs.

His latest novel, Les Furtifs, was named Book of the Year 2019 by Magazine Lire and explores a society of control through social networks. He also created Mantra'ck on Phaune Radio, and in 2021 he published Scarlett et Novak, a dive into our dependence on new technologies. More recently, in 2024, La Vallée du Silicium was published.

Alain is currently mentoring the Cross The Ages saga with Arnaud Dollen, Pablo Servigne, Héloïse Brezillon, Norbert Merjagnan and Fabrice Capizzano.

Fabrice Capizzano

Author / Emotional Reference

Fabrice Capizzano, lived in the landscapes of Vercors (France), takes his inspiration from the nature, and above all from the people he has met throughout his life. Committed to the preservation of our environment, he has been a fervent supporter of causes championed by Greenpeace. His first novel, La Fille du chasse-neige, immerses the reader in a world of music, family, and above all in a passionate love story. This book was a true bestseller. His second novel, Le ventre de la péniche, solidifies his voice in a wild chase of rock'n'roll anti-heroes.

"I love to write instinctively and I draw a lot from the emotions of my unconventional characters, but most of all from the living ones."

Today, Fabrice is a member of the authors' collective and Emotional Reference of the Cross The Ages saga, alongside Arnaud Dollen, Alain Damasio, Pablo Servigne, Héloïse Brezillon, and Norbert Merjagnan.

Héloïse Brézillon

Author / Poet / Science Fiction

Héloïse Brézillon is an artist-researcher, science fiction writer, and poet-performer. She leads workshops on poetry, performance, and science fiction, publishes in literary magazines, and performs her texts on stage throughout France (Maison de la poésie, Centre Pompidou Metz, Le Rond-Point, Les Célestins, Points Communs, La ménagerie de verre, La marbrerie...).

In 2018, she co-founded Mange Tes Mots, an association dedicated to promoting contemporary oral poetry in all its forms, organising open stages, writing workshops and collaborative podcasts, welcoming dozens of artists every month.

At the end of 2024, she will publish her first book of poetry, T3M, and defend her research and creative thesis exploring the links between science fiction, poetry and sound.

Today, Héloïse is a member of the collective of authors and Character Shaper of the Cross The Ages saga, alongside Arnaud Dollen, Alain Damasio, Pablo Servigne, Norbert Merjagnan and Fabrice Capizzano.

Norbert Merjagnan

Author / Science Fiction / Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire

Norbert Merjagnan is a science fiction author, world creator, screenwriter, and playwright.

In 2008, his first novel Les Tours de Samarante won the prestigious New Grand Prize of French Science Fiction (Prix du Lundi).

He is the author of about ten short stories, including Louise ionisée, nominated for the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire in 2009, as well as audio fictions, fiction conferences and immersive theater pieces on the theme of space travel, such as #Exoterritoires #Colonies #Drift!

As a screenwriter and script doctor, he brings his expertise to the world of video games, audiovisual and transmedia projects, becoming a key figure in world building! Norbert Merjagnan is the universe consultant within the Cross The Ages writing team.

Pablo Servigne

Author / Speaker / Engineer

Pablo Servigne identifies himself as an author and independent speaker, sometimes even as an "interdependent researcher". He is interested in various topics, including issues of collapse and mutual aid. Passionate about ecological transition, agroecology, collapsology, and collective resilience, he has co-authored impactful works such as Comment tout peut s'effondrer : petit manuel de collapsologie à l’usage des générations présentes (2015) and Une autre fin du monde est possible : vivre l'effondrement (et pas seulement y survivre) (2018), L’entraide, l’autre loi de la jungle (2019)... and, upcoming in May 2024, Le Pouvoir du Suricate, Apprivoiser nos peurs pour traverser ce siècle.

Ph.D. in science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and an agronomist engineer from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Pablo Servigne is one of the pioneers of collapsology, a term he co-created with Raphaël Stevens to refer to the "science of the collapse of industrial civilization".

Today, Pablo Servigne is a member of the collective of authors and Ecosystem and Geopolitical Relations Referee of the Cross The Ages saga, alongside Arnaud Dollen, Alain Damasio, Héloïse Brezillon, Norbert Merjagnan, and Fabrice Capizzano.

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