02 - Awakening

What is the Awakening?

If you're here, you've most likely already read the article on Power up, right? So, you know that awakening is the second step in crafting, out of the three steps we're reminding you:

1. Power up

2. Awakening

3. Merge

Awakening is the step to move forward a standard card to its alternative version. The standard card is burned to create a new card with a new artwork and a new power level, known as the grade (C, B, A, or S).

How to Awaken a Card?

Awakening can only be done from a fully enhanced standard card, at 100% potential. To awaken it, only Trisel is needed. Just like in the power up step, the Trisel cost depends on the card's rarity:

Key Points

In the article about power up, we discussed the importance of sacrificing same cards. The result of the awakening depends on it, affecting the card's artwork:

...and its grade:


1. When I awaken a card, do I keep it and receive a new card, an alternative card?

During the awakening step, the original standard card is destroyed. In game terms, we say it's "burned." This burning process creates a new card, an alternative card with varying grades. In the end, you only have one card in your hand.

2. Can I awaken any card?

No, awakening can only be done with a fully enhanced standard card, at 100% potential. If it's not the case, you need to continue the Power up process.

3. Can all CTA cards be awakened?

No, Exclusive cards cannot be modified. Power up, awakening, and merging are not possible for this kind of card.

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