CTA Manager


CTA Manager is a community website designed to help you progress in the CTA universe. Features currently available include:

  1. A list of decks shared by the community with gameplay explanations;

  2. A list of the top decks used in recent tournaments;

  3. A forum where you can read CTA fanfiction and share your thoughts on CTA!

  4. A Discord server where you can follow everything that's happening on CTA.

You also have a profile section where you can:

  • Track your assets

  • Store your decks (which will be encrypted)

  • Manage your friends

Upcoming feature

  1. A Deck Tracker that lets you collect data on your opponents and reconstruct their decks.

  2. And much more on the pipe

The website is directly available at this link. Don't hesitate to visit the Twitter account to follow their activities and to thank them too!

Thanks CTA Manager!

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