Introduction to the story

The War of the Heroes

The nations of Arkhante and Mantris have long been embroiled in an ideological war. The escalation of violence and human losses will push the two leaders of the time to find a solution to end this endless conflict.

By mutual agreement, the two nations will send one of their champions to determine the outcome of the war in a duel to the death. Chaka and Faust, respectively champions of Mantris and Arkhante, will clash on the devastated lands of Solon to decide the fate of their nation.

The outcome of this duel is unknown, and a mysterious explosion called the Blast ravaged the lands of Solon, which will later be called the Rift. This cataclysmic explosion abruptly ends the war, creating a no-man's land zone between Arkhante and Mantris.

The Appologium

For 20 years, the Blast marked the end of the War of the Heroes. Despite the considerable damage and losses suffered, the question of the winner of the duel between Chaka and Faust still haunts both nations. In the hope of providing an answer to this question, an arena is built in the center of the Rift: the Appologium.

It is in this iconic location that champions from both nations come every year to "reinterpret" the mythical duel between Chaka and Faust. This event is called the Aballition and plays a crucial role in diplomatic relations between the two nations. Indeed, the nation winning the Appologium can request a diplomatic favor from the other.

The story of Cross The Ages opens with the ruthless trials of the Appologium. We follow Aurelius, a young Riftian driven by a quest for vengeance who will illegally infiltrate among the Arkhante fighters and attempt to win the Aballition in order to get closer to the malkah, Solis.

On the other side, the Ordinator, spokesperson for Mantris, has set himself a goal: to obtain the diplomatic favor granted to the winner of the Appologium so that Arkhante allows the exploitation of the trisel mines of the Rift, the energy source that powers the city-continent, and which in the near future, could well run out.

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