01 - Power up

What is the Power up process?

In the TCG of Cross The Ages, it's possible to evolve cards, making them more powerful and even creating new ones. This is achieved through Crafting, which consists of three successive steps:

1. The Power up

2. The Awakening

3. The Merge

The Power up, is the first and essential step in the evolution of CTA cards.To power up a card to its maximum, you need to sacrifice other cards. In the game's terminology, this is referred to as "burning" cards. Each sacrifice adds +15 power points to the recipient card, which is the main card. It's also possible to power up a card to a mid rank (rank 2, 3 or 4). These ranks might be interesting to build your perfect deck.

How to power up a card?

To power up a card, you'll need two things: (1) Trisel and (2) cards being sacrificed. The quantity of Trisel and cards to sacrifice depend on the rarity of the main card:

On every sacrificed card corresponds to a Trisel cost. It means that to full power up a Common card, you need your Common card + 30 sacrificed Common cards + 1,500 Trisel, so in total 31 Common cards and 1,500 Trisel.

Key Points

The power up of cards must meet specific conditions, such as the card type, foils with other foil cards (impossible to mix with non-foils), and cards of the same rarity (Common with Common, Uncommon with Uncommon). The following illustration shows all the conditions:

The choice of cards is also crucial in the crafting process. Sacrificing only similar cards to the main card creates a "pure" card, increasing the chances of obtaining a higher grade in the second step of awakening for the same card. At the opposite, an "impure" card doesn't guarantee the same character in awakened form.


1. What version of a card do I get at the end of enhancing (at 100% potential)?

Enhancing is the first step of crafting. You start with standard cards to obtain a standard card at full power potential. To get an alternative card, you must proceed to step 2 of crafting, awakening.

2. Can all CTA cards be power up?

No, Exclusive cards cannot be modified. Enhancing, awakening, and merging are not possible for this type of card.

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