First Volume: La Rune & le Code

La Rune & le Code

After a long wait, Cross The Ages' universe will lay its foundations in bookstores worldwide, starting with French-speaking countries on April 10th!

Translated into ten different languages, distributed by Hachette, and published by Bragelonne, a renowned publishing house among fans of fantasy and science fiction, the world of Artellium is now poised to come to life. Under the pen of the talented Arnaud Dollen and the direction of Alain Damasio, supported by renowned writers Pablo Servigne, Héloïse Brézillon, Norbert Merjagnan, and Fabrice Capizzano, the world of Cross The Ages has continued to evolve until the culmination of their work on April 10th.

This highly anticipated event resonates both as a culmination for the Cross The Ages project and a true starting point for planetary expansion.

"The Rune and the Code," which tells a dystopian story blending fantasy and science fiction, is now ready to leave its mark on a whole generation of readers through its thrilling tales and endearing characters. A true mirror of our current society, the story of the first book depicts a fractured world torn between two ideologies, torn apart by power struggles and growing energy problems; a work that encourages reflection and finds an echo in each of us.

Already available for pre-order on Amazon, the first of the seven volumes of the saga quickly rose to number 1 in sales shortly after its release, testifying to the anticipation of the fans from the very beginning. In France alone, no less than 500 points of sale will be stocked to distribute this epic with ambitious aspirations.

A first edition in French with a print run of 25,000 copies and a possible reprint of an additional 25,000 units expresses the publisher's full confidence in the project built by Sami Chlagou and Richard Esteve. Already captivated by the Cross The Ages adventure, Hachette wished to publish the first two volumes as early as 2024! While "The Rune & the Code" is not yet in the hands of readers, the release of the second book is scheduled for December of this year, and the third volume is expected to invade bookstores in 2025.

For those most eager for the story, who were able to discover the Cross The Ages universe last year through a few chapters made available to them, the physical versions will be supplemented with additional passages to immerse readers even further in the richness of the world of Artellium!

Fans of special editions will not be left out, as a collector's edition is also planned. Reserved for owners of mint passes (a digital item only available inside packs of the first series of Cross The Ages cards), this numbered limited edition is expected to be available soon and is likely to become an indispensable collectible for fans! A valuable asset that is sure to become a must-have for any collector.

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