Sale of Lands Procedure

Types of Lands and Quantities

Land Types

In each sale, 5 levels (Lvl) of lands are clearly defined. Each land level is associated with a percentage yield of CTA. The higher the level, the higher the amount of CTA generated over time.

Additionally, each land also has a Trisel generator. In contrast to the percentage yield of CTA, the lower the level of the land, the higher the Trisel production relative to the purchase price.

The different types of lands are offered at different prices:

  • Lvl 1: $200

  • Lvl 2: $1,000

  • Lvl 3: $5,000

  • Lvl 4: $10,000

  • Lvl 5: $50,000

Quantity per Sale

In the case of Genesis Lands, the first sale to take place, the lands represent the three capitals of Artellium in Arise: Nephtys for Arkhante, Desner for Rift, and Noria for Mantris. Out of a total of 3,360 Lands (1,120 Nephtys / 1,120 Desner / 1,120 Noria), their distribution is as follows:

  • Lvl 1: 842 Nephtys / 842 Desner / 842 Noria

  • Lvl 2: 220 Nephtys / 220 Desner / 220 Noria

  • Lvl 3: 33 Nephtys / 33 Desner / 33 Noria

  • Lvl 4: 22 Nephtys / 22 Desner / 22 Noria

  • Lvl 5: 3 Nephtys / 3 Desner / 3 Noria

As you can see, during the Genesis sale, only 3,360 Lands are available for purchase.

For future sales, the quantity will be multiplied by 3, possibly even by 4 depending on the chosen industrial site, so it is estimated, as a forecast, to put up for sale in each session, between 9,000 to 12,000 Lands:

  • Lvl 1: 6,732 - 8,976 lands

  • Lvl 2: 1,800 - 2,400 lands

  • Lvl 3: 270 - 360 lands

  • Lvl 4: 180 - 240 lands

  • Lvl 5: 18 - 24 lands

Sales Process

Sale of lands proceeds in several phases, depending on the type of land being sold and the assets used.

Sales of lands are open to everyone. However, undeniable advantages are reserved for Land Access owners, offering priority purchasing of a land at the corresponding level during phase 1.

A lottery system is implemented to distribute Land Access Lvl 1, participation in which is possible through lottery tickets.

Higher-level Land Access is sent directly to holders of Legacy, Golden, and Golden Legacy mint passes.

Assets Used During the Sale

Lottery Tickets

To participate in the lottery, tickets are required. They are available upon opening a pack from Season 02 Mantris. The distribution is as follows:

  • Greek Pack: 1 lottery ticket

  • Voranth Pack: 2 lottery tickets

  • Chaka Pack: 4 lottery tickets

  • Golden Chaka Pack: 12 lottery tickets

As NFTs, they can also be acquired on the marketplace.

Key Points:

  • Open a pre-sale pack from Season 02 Mantris.

  • Upon their airdrop, lottery tickets can be exchanged and sold on the Marketplace (secondary market).

  • Lottery tickets can be used for any upcoming sale.

Note: When the number of tickets issued via Season 02 Mantris packs is no longer sufficient, lottery tickets will be airdropped to mint pass holders.

Land Access Lvl 1/2/3/4/5

Owning a Land Access is the means to prioritize land purchase. It allows participation in phase 1 of the sale and acquiring your land before phase 2, which is public, first come, first served.

Land Access Lvl 1 is obtainable via the lottery. The higher levels are distributed as follows:

  • Land Access Lvl 2: Having a Mint pass Legacy

  • Land Access Lvl 3 / Lvl 4: Having a Mint pass Golden

  • Land Access Lvl 5: Having a Mint pass Golden Legacy

Key points:

  • Land Access Lvl 1 is obtainable via the lottery.

  • A mint pass (Legacy/Golden/Golden Legacy) allows receiving an airdrop of a Land Access of the corresponding level.

  • Land Access, being NFTs, are usable for any sale.

  • Upon their airdrop, Land Access can be traded and sold on the Marketplace.

  • With each new land sale, an airdrop of Land Access will be conducted for all eligible mint passes (Legacy/Golden/Golden Legacy).

Lottery and Land Access Lvl 1

A Land Access of Lvl 1 can be initially obtained through a lottery or on the secondary market via the marketplace, if any remain after the Genesis sale.

A lottery will be held before each land sale. Here's how it works:

Participation Requirements:

  • Have a red, green, or blue mint pass,

  • Have a validated KYC account,

  • Have at least 1 lottery ticket.

Participation costs 1$ in CTA tokens per lottery ticket used.

Each mint pass offers a variable number of slots:

  • 1 Red mint pass gives 2 slots to participate in the lottery.

  • 1 Green mint pass gives 5 slots to participate in the lottery.

  • 1 Blue mint pass gives 10 slots to participate in the lottery.

It is possible to win multiple Land Access Lvl 1 based on the number of lottery tickets drawn.

For each ticket wagered, a number is assigned, useful for identifying the lottery winners. A maximum of 2,484 Land Access Lvl 1 is distributed for the Genesis sale, and this number will be adjusted for each sale based on the number of lands available for sale.

If the ticket is drawn, the winner get his/her Lvl 1 Land Access. He/She does not get back their winning lottery tickets or their CTA stake. However, they do get back all their losing tickets to be wagered again in the next land sale.

If the ticket is a loser, the participant gets back all their lottery tickets, but does not get back the CTA stake.

Lottery winners can now participate in phase 1 of the sale to acquire a Level 1 Land with their Level 1 Land Access.

Different Phases of the Sale

The land sale takes place in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Pre-sale reserved for Land Access holders

  • Phase 2: Public sale if Lands from phase 1 are still available

Phase 1: Pre-sale reserved for Land Access

This phase is exclusively reserved for Land Access holders and proceeds similarly for all five types of land:

  • Through Land Access, it's possible to directly purchase the corresponding land throughout the duration of phase 1.

  • It's possible to purchase as many lands as desired within the available stock limit.

  • The location (Arkhante/Rift/Mantris) and properties of the land are randomly assigned at the time of purchase.

This phase is scheduled for one week. At the end of this period, if any lands remain unsold, they will be available for the public phase, phase 2.

Phase 2: Public sale phase

The lands remaining available at the end of phase 1 will be accessible for purchase without Land Access to everyone, on a first-come, first-served basis.

To purchase the desired land, simply log in and use the methods provided by our provider Equisafe ( The location (Arkhante/Rift/Mantris), however, will always remain randomly assigned.

End of the Sale

At the end of the phase 2 sale, the lands are sent directly to the buyer's wallet. The yield starts one month after the first month of industrial production. Lands can not be plundered until they are integrated into the Arise game universe.

Land Access and lottery tickets, being NFTs, are usable for the next sessions following the same process.

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