Arise is a multiplayer action-RPG game set in the universe of Cross The Ages (CTA), developed on Unreal Engine 5 and available as a free-to-play. Initially, it will be released on PC, followed by Mac and other platforms later on.

The game takes place in Artellium, the world of Cross The Ages, focusing on various points of interest from the saga.

The goal of Arise is to provide an accessible, fun, innovative, and evolving gaming experience over several years, where players are in control of the economy. Whether you enjoy dungeons, player-versus-player combat, or resource gathering and trading, Arise offers a diverse range of activities to suit different playstyles.

Cooperation is central to Arise, as players must unite their strengths to progress effectively in Artellium. Join forces to establish your supremacy and become a key player in its economy and history.

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