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CTA Tracker is a quick-access portal to the Cross The Ages universe, offering an easy-to-navigate card catalog and statistics. A bot connected to the blockchain delivers latest numberings, supply and market values in real-time.

CTA Tracker enables you to:

  • Access a clear and detailed visual card collection with customizable display filters.

  • Easily look up complete guilds collections in one place.

With an account, you can:

  • Save multiple display and filter profiles for a personalised experience.

  • Track cards numbering for well-timed and smart minting decisions.

  • Monitor your personal card collection, its completion, and current market value.

  • Integrate your collection with your guild's.

CTA Tracker is designed to enhance the gaming journey, offering insights and secure tools to enrich your adventure in the Cross The Ages realm.

You can also open in a new window the website by this link.

Thanks Little Wouf!

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