Process and Remuneration

Acquisition of lands will be conducted through fundraising campaigns organized by our partner via a dedicated platform, twice a year, on behalf of CTA Factory. You will find all the details regarding the sale during each campaign.

Remuneration of CTA Factory

CTA Factory will receive 1% of the capital of each industrial site in the same form as players and investors, but without having to play. CTA Factory will also receive 10% in annual fees for managing the operational activities on the total revenue generated by CTA Factory.

Players' Remuneration

Players' remuneration comes from the profits of industrial activities reflected by the ownership of the land. Therefore, remuneration varies depending on the performance of the industrial farm in the real world.

Based on the nominal yield of the farm, players will have 5 different levels of land ranging from 1 to 5, which will modulate their shares. The nominal yield of the farm corresponds to the LVL 3 land, which is the nominal land. Here are the increases and decreases in remuneration by type of land.

For the GENESIS sale, the value of the lands will be calculated based on a nominal yield of 20%. Therefore, at the time of the sale, we can distribute the projected yields as detailed below:

Land Lvl 1 :

  • Price of $200

  • Yield :

    • Proof of Ownership Tier: 5%

    • Proof of Activity Tier: 7.5%

    • Proof of Defense Tier: 10%

Land Lvl 2 :

  • Price of $1 000

  • Yield :

    • Proof of Ownership Tier: 7.5%

    • Proof of Activity Tier: 10.75%

    • Proof of Defense Tier: 15%

Land Lvl 3 :

  • Price of $5 000

  • Yield :

    • Proof of Ownership Tier: 10%

    • Proof of Activity Tier: 15%

    • Proof of Defense Tier: 20%

Land Lvl 4 :

  • Price of $10 000

  • Yield :

    • Proof of Ownership Tier: 12.5%

    • Proof of Activity Tier: 18.75%

    • Proof of Defense Tier: 25%

Land Lvl 5 :

  • Price of $50 000

  • Yield :

    • Proof of Ownership Tier: 15%

    • Proof of Activity Tier: 22.5%

    • Proof of Defense Tier: 30%

The Genesis sale will involve a 4-megawatt power farm in Oregon, valued at $2.8 million based on a pivot yield of 20%.

Please note that the value of the farm will be updated every semester, and the amount of profits will be updated every month. Therefore, these yields are indicative and will depend on market conditions. The value of the land and its yield will fluctuate freely over time.

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