In Arise, there are numerous weapons, each characterized by:

  • A faction: For the Early Access, only weapons from the Arkhante faction will be available. Others will be added later.

  • An element: There are 7 elements which are Fire, Water, Light, Air, Life, Earth, Dark.

Weapon Type

For Arkhante, there are 7 weapons. Each weapon has a very different gameplay:

  • 3 combos

  • 3 spells

  • 1 ultimate attack

Combos cost energy, while spells and the ultimate depend on a cooldown time.

Weapon power

Weapon power is defined by the rarity and tier. The higher the rarity and tier of the weapon, the greater its power.

The rarity of the weapon is determined when it's obtained. However, the tier can be upgraded.

Each weapon has 5 rarities:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Ultra Rare

  • Mythic

Each rarity has 7 tiers that can be upgraded at any time using the Forge.

Weapon Acquisition

To get weapons, there are several ways:

  • Completing a dungeon: When a dungeon is completed, a chest can be opened, allowing the player to obtain some weapons.

  • Weekly Hall: Every week, based on the number of completed dungeons and their difficulty, weekly chests offer many weapons.

  • Leaderboard: Characters that achieve a good ranking can obtain regular rewards.

  • Shop: It is possible to purchase "packs" of weapons.

All weapons obtained or purchased in Arise are Tier 1.

The utility of weapons

With weapons, players can:

  • Attack dungeons in competitive or exploration mode

  • Attack dungeons in lands

The more powerful the weapons, the easier it will be to eliminate the creatures in them and thus complete the dungeons in much higher difficulties.

Weapon Enhancement

Just like the TCG cards, weapons also exist in Static, Flex, and Eternal formats. It is not possible to enhance a Flex weapon; it is necessary to convert it into Static or Eternal before it can be upgraded. Each obtained weapon is of tier 1, but they can be upgraded at the Forge.

Three types of enhancement are possible in Arise:

  • Tier

  • Awakening

  • "SR"


To upgrade a weapon, it is necessary to gather a very large quantity of weapons.

To upgrade a tier 2 weapon, it is necessary to merge numerous tier 1 weapons and also sacrifice Land resources (referred to as secondary resources) of tier 2.

To upgrade a tier 3 weapon, it is necessary to merge several tier 2 weapons and also sacrifice Land resources (referred to as secondary resources) of tier 3.

And so on...

All weapons used for creating a weapon of a higher tier must belong to the same faction, have the same element, and be of the same rarity as the weapon being created.

They must also be of the same type: Static or Eternal.

The higher the tier of the weapon, the higher its power. Given the number of weapons required to craft a T7 weapon, the mint price of Eternal weapons will be lower than the mint price of the TCG card.


In addition to the tier, it is also possible to awaken a weapon to increase its power.

For each tier of a weapon, a slot is unlocked in the weapon allowing it to be awakened with a TCG card.

A T7 weapon has 7 awakening slots, so it is possible to awaken the weapon 7 times. The power of the TCG card used for awakening the weapon will be added to the weapon's power. Only TCG cards from the same faction, rarity, and element as the weapon can be used for its awakening. It is possible to use the same card several times in a weapon. For example, in a Tier 4 Rare Water Arkhante weapon, it is possible to add 4 Rare Water Arkhante cards of any rank.

Only SR rarity TCG cards are not constrained by the rarity of the awakened weapon. They can be used for awakening weapons of all rarities; however, they are still constrained by the faction and element of the weapon. For example, in a Tier 7 Fire Arkhante weapon, it will be possible to add 7 Fire Arkhel SR cards rank S.

Additionally, it is also necessary to use cards of the same type. To awaken a Static weapon, Static TCG cards will be required, and the same goes for Eternal.

Special Rare

In Arise, there exists a Special Rare module that can be associated with a weapon, allowing it to change elements regularly (for example, once per day). For instance, a Mythic Fire level 7 weapon equipped with an SR module can then switch to Water or another element according to the player's choice.

To craft an SR module, it is necessary to assemble many SR fragments, which can be obtained through one of the perks/advantages of the Mint Pass or thanks to CTA Tokens (more details in Mint pass).

These modules and fragments are only available in Eternal.

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