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In the heart of the Rift, in the arena of Appologium, the Arkhantes, a people gifted with magic, and the Mantri, fervent supporters of technology and implants, intend to fight to the death to determine which of the two powers is superior to the other. This is an attempt to recreate a hero's duel that occurred twenty years ago, supposedly to end the war. The question of who prevailed that day remains a mystery, but the explosion resulting from the confrontation split the continent of Artellium in two, creating the desolate Rift zone that today separates the two civilisations. In the arena, Aurelius, who managed to participate in the tournament by bribing an organiser, awaits his moment. As a Fort-Goten, born in the Rift and ignored by both powers forever, he is determined to win to get closer to the young queen of Arkhante, Solis, and prepare his revenge...

... On the scorching sands of Appologium, Mantri and Arkhante oppose each other, striving to secure a place until the final, using cunning manoeuvers and strategy. While in the arena, all blows are allowed, to enter, one must only be armed with courage. Will you find the courage to enter Appologium, to challenge opponents from all walks of life for eternal glory?

The Heroes' legacy awaits you; once in the arena, you will have all the cards in your hands.

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