03 - Merge


What is the Merge process?

Here we are at the final step of the crafting process: merge. In the complete process of evolving CTA cards, it's important to have previously gone through the steps of power up and awakening:

1. Power Up

2. Awakening

3. Merge

Merge is the stage that maximizes the power of CTA cards, creating a new category of cards, combo cards. Not all cards can become combo cards. To find out which ones can, please go to the articles of the corresponding collections: Arkhante (season 1), Mantris (season 2), Rift (season 3), or The Return of Arkhante (season 4).

How to Merge Cards?

As the title means, to create a combo card, you need at least 2 alternative cards and Trisel, just like at every crafting stage. The amount of Trisel required still depends on the rarity of the cards. It equals of the quantity of Trisel necessary to awaken a card:

There are also multiple combo cards, requiring more than 2 cards. The merging process remains the same.

Key Points


The combo card created will have at least a +25 power level from the most powerful of the two sacrificed alternative cards. You can combine different grades (i.e C with A). But be aware that it is the lowest grade that is taken into account for the probabilities. You understand, merging a grade C with a stronger one is not so wise, but it's possible!

Rarity and Arkhome

Two sacrificed alternative cards of the same rarity and Arkhome will result in a combo card with the same rarity and Arkhome. But you may have noticed that it's possible to merge two alternative cards of different rarity and/or Arkhome. In this case, the created combo card will take on the higher rarity, and the Arkhome will have a 50/50 probability, as in the following example:


1. When I merge two alternative cards, do I keep them and receive a new card, a combo card?

During the merge, the two merged alternative cards are sacrificed, meaning they are destroyed. In the game's jargon, we say they're "burned."

2. Can I merge standard cards?

No, merge is only possible with alternative cards.

3. Can I merge any alternative card?

No, a list of combo cards is predefined in each collection. To find out which combos are possible, refer to the specific collection: Arkhante, Mantris, Rift, The Return of Arkhante.

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