My Burns

In this section, you will be able to finalize all card burns that may not have been completed in-game. If awakening an Eternal card remains stuck in loading or if you can't find the alternative version of the card in your inventory after the burn, don't panic! It's likely that the burn didn't complete properly. To check, simply log in to your account on the CTA Portal and take a look at the "My Burns" section.

If there are burns pending validation, it will only take a click to restart the operation!


1. I made a mistake and initiated a burn for some assets, and they are now listed under "My Burns." However, I want to cancel this action. Is it possible?

No, it's not possible to cancel the burn process. However, after 7 days, the "burn in progress" will be automatically canceled. Please note that any resources used, such as trisel, will not be refunded.

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