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Cross The Ages: TCG Gameplay
Cross The Ages: Trading Card Game is a game of territory conquest based on the rich and exciting universe of the Cross The Ages saga.
The game consists of matches against a chosen opponent with a matchmaking system in order to balance the games as much as possible.
It is possible to play against someone you know thanks to the "friendly duel".
The gameplay consists in opposing two opponents in a tactical and fast game. He is designed in a "blitz" format. Each player has a total of 5 minutes to play. The maximum duration of a game is therefore only 10 minutes. Players must both "play fast" and "play smart" to win, as there are random game conditions during a game.
You fight on equal terms thanks to the deck creation requirements, each deck contains 30 cards with a maximum of 15,000 power!
Master the synergies between the seven Arkhomes (elements), build the deck that suits you best with powerful cards, compete in highly strategic duels and ultimately rule over the Appologium!
You can find the official rules guides of Cross The Ages: TCG on our website.
The official release date of the game is Q2 of 2023.