Game Development

Leon, Honora & Sylaë

Game Development Team

Cross The Ages boasts unprecedented game development capabilities with an outstanding track record in online game development.
A combined team experience of 30 years in the video game sector with a combined production experience of more than 50 games on next-generation consoles.
As an in-house game development company, we have 10 years of experience in the video game industry. In 2018 we were granted the precious Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft Agreement, providing the company with the opportunity to develop games for the Nintendo Switch console. The PlayStation and Xbox agreement brings our in-house game development company into the digital video game market via the Nintendo eShop. We are currently in a strong position in the gaming sector with 10 releases scheduled for this year alone.
With vast experience in retro gaming and next-gen gaming systems we are strongly inspired by nostalgic and vintage games from the 90’s, admiring the 16/32 bit designs orchestrated alongside powerful music for a simple and enjoyable gameplay.
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