SR Combo - Hannibal & Honora (HH)


The Hannibal & Honora card is a Special Rare (SR) Combo card from the first Arkhante collection. It was possible to get it by opening the first 10,000 Premium packs of Arkhante. Today, it is only available on the secondary market, on the marketplace. The supply of 10,000 has been reached.

Remember that Hannibal & Honora is a non-craftable SR card and cannot be used to craft other SR cards. But why dedicate an entire article to this card? Certainly, it is the very first SR card of the first season... but what else?

Airdrop of similar SR combo

If you are the owner of a Hannibal & Honora SR Combo card today, you will have the chance to receive, free of charge as an airdrop, the equivalent SR Combo card with the same attributes for each new season of the TCG.

Example: I have the Hannibal & Honora card, Grade A, number 226. For the Mantris season, I receive the SR Combo Grade A card, with the number 226 as well and the corresponding trait:

Remember that this new card will, like Hannibal & Honora, be non-craftable and cannot be used to craft other SR cards.


1. If I sell my Hannibal & Honora card, will I still receive the other SRs via airdrop?

No. Once you sell your Hannibal & Honora card, you are no longer the owner, and therefore, you won't be eligible for airdrops in future seasons.

2. We are in Season 03, the Rift, and I just bought the Hannibal & Honora #100 Grade C card on the marketplace. Will I receive the equivalent SR Combos in future seasons?

Yes, you will receive the equivalent #100 Grade C SR Combos in future seasons as long as you have the Hannibal & Honora card.

3. My Hannibal & Honora card is a non-foil card. Can I receive a foil SR?

No. The foil or non-foil characteristic of your airdrop depends on your Hannibal & Honora card. If your Hannibal & Honora is a foil, you will receive a foil SR Combo. And, if your Hannibal & Honora card is non-foil, you will receive a non-foil SR Combo.

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