Weekly SR Cards

What are SR Cards?

Special Rare or SR cards are cards with power levels between Rare and Ultra Rare that can only be obtained through a weekly airdrop if the following 3 conditions are met:

  • #1 Hold a mint pass

  • #2 Load the mint pass with CTA tokens

  • #3 Accumulate victory points (VP)

SR cards are highly sought after by the CTA community because they have the ability to create the most powerful card in the corresponding collection, the Elemental card, through the fusion of alternative versions. For Arkhante, the Elemental card is Arkhel, The Unborn, with a power of 745 at grade S. SR cards also have a special utility in Arise.

SR Cards Airdrop

For each TCG season, it is possible to receive SR cards in standard version, rank 1 during 2 waves of 13 weeks. The same SR card is distributed twice, allowing new players to also have this chance. To be eligible for the weekly airdrop, here are the conditions:

Condition #1: Hold a Mint pass

The mint pass is the front door. It is possible to get one by opening a Premium Pack Arkhante S01 or on the marketplace. All of them allow the airdrop according to different conditions, which we will see together.

Condition #2: Load the Mint pass with CTA tokens

To be eligible for the weekly SR airdrop, the mint pass must be loaded with CTA tokens. The maximum amount of CTA tokens required depends on the mint pass:

A mint pass can be partially loaded, but only in stage of 1,500 CTA. The prices displayed in CTA are representative. A stage of 1,500 CTA represents a value equivalent to $375 USD. They will change according to the value of the CTA token once listed to ensure this $USD equivalent stays the same.

Loading mint pass is possible in Perks option. It is important to note that:

  • CTA in a mint pass is locked until the end of the 13-cards cycle, for a maximum of 13 weeks.

  • A loaded mint pass can be sold on the marketplace. Be sure to set the price corresponding to its value with the CTA tokens. The buyer will receive the mint pass AND all the tokens present. Be careful not to sell a loaded mint pass at the price of an unloaded one!

Condition #3: Accumulate Victory Points (VP)

700 victory points per week per loaded mint pass are required to unlock the SR card airdrop for this mint pass. This means that if you have 2 mint passes, you will need to accumulate a total of 1,400 VP per week to receive all your SR cards from your 2 mint passes.

How to get VP? Two options:

1. By playing and winning duels. The number of VP is different depending on the game modes:

For a win, 100% of the VP are earned (even in case of surrender or AFK). Losts or draws do not earn any VP.

2. VP can also be earned passively through loaded mint passes:

In Perks, you have a bar showing your progression of victory points obtained passively and those earned through your victories during the week.

The gold progress bar displays your VP validated by the passive points system of your loaded mint passes and those earned after each victory (Adventure and Arena Modes).

The green progress bar displays your passive VP to be obtained if the mint pass remains on the current account until the snapshot.

As you can see, owning a loaded blue or higher mint pass guarantees all the VP needed for the card airdrop on that mint pass.


  • A mint pass can be on the game or cold wallet, if it is linked to the game account.

  • A mint pass, even partially loaded, passively gives all its VP as stated above.

  • The foil rate is always 10% at the time of the airdrop, and the cards are rank 1 (guaranteed golden bonus included).

  • It is possible to jump during a wave of 13 cards.

  • If the SR airdrop period has passed or you have not met the conditions, it is still possible to obtain SR cards on our marketplace.

The system for getting SR cards through mint pass loading will be different after the listing of the CTA token.

Crafting SR Cards

SR cards can be power up and then awakened to create the alternative version. In the interest of fairness, crafting for SR cards is available immediately, but the numbering of newly created alternative cards is assigned a few days later. Indeed, awakened cards go into a random numbering allocation pool for a few days, a system similar to Exclusive cards and pack openings at the beginning of a new season.

Power up

During enhancement, to obtain an SR card at 100% potential, you must sacrifice 4 standard cards to enhance the 5th card.

Cost in Trisel : 1 600 Trisel.


To awaken SR cards, you need 3,000 Trisel. Recall that:

  • If you don't use the same SR cards for enhancement, you can obtain a different alternative card. The grade probabilities are similar: S, 1% / A, 7% / B, 22% / C, 70%

  • If you use the same SR cards for enhancement, you will get the alternative card of the same character. The grade probabilities are: S, 2% / A, 10.5% / B, 27.5% / C, 60%


The mystery of SR cards doesn't end there! For Arkhante, it is possible to merge the 13 alternative versions to obtain the Elemental card, the most powerful card in the Arkhante collection in its S version. To do this:

  • Card to Sacrifice: 1 alternative SR version of each of the 13 SR cards (total 13 alternative SR cards)

  • Cost in Trisel: 39,000 Trisel.

The merge process remain the same. If you only use cards of grade x, you will get an Elemental card with the grade x or higher. You will also have a 1 in 7 chance of getting one of the 7 elements.

SR Collections

Here the SR collections per season:

Arkhante S01

Mantris S02


1. What is the snapshot?

The snapshot is the moment at we check if all the airdrop conditions are met. If they are, then the airdrop is validated and activated.

2. I haven't received my SR card. Why?

It's possible that one of the three conditions presented in the article above was not met. Make sure that your mint pass is correctly loaded and still in your hand; otherwise, you may not have reached the correct number of VP before the snapshot.

3. When I awake the SR cards that I just received, why don't they have a number? They are supposed to be Eternal cards!

The awakening option for SR cards is right away available. But to be fair, the new Eternal cards go into a pool for 48 hours, after which they will be randomly assigned their number.

4. I tried to buy more CTA tokens to receive more SR cards, but it doesn't work, why?

Depending on the type of pack opened on your game account, you have a maximum cap limit of CTA tokens that you can hold on this account. Mint passes also have their own individual cap limits.

5. I haven't loaded my mint pass to its maximum stage, do I still receive all the victory points as planned?

Yes, even partially loaded, the mint pass passively gives 100% of its VP.

6. I'm not a player. I want to buy a loaded blue mint pass on the marketplace. Will I receive the whole passive 700 VP needed for the next SR airdrop?

If you purchase and own a loaded blue (or higher) mint pass on your game account (or linked account) before Wednesday 8.00 am UTC, then yes, you will be eligible to receive the SR card(s) for the next week. The mint pass must, of course, not be moved to an external account.

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