CTA Manager - ARK

CTA Manager is a website tool to help gamers to improve their CTA skills. The current available features are:

  1. A list of decks shared by the community with gameplay explanations.

  2. A list of the best decks used in the latest tournaments.

  3. A deckbuilder to help you build decks with any card from the game, and a feature to easily import/export/save your decks.

  4. For tournament organisers, a feature to easily create open decklists.

This is still the Beta 0.1 version, it is still a work in progress. All the features are available on Windows and also on Android by using the desktop version of your browser, except for the deckbuilder.

Upcoming features:

  • Training tool: A Sandbox to replay your game and build strategies

  • 1v1: A tool to try out your decks & strategies (using any existing cards in the game) and play against yourself or other players.

The website is directly available at this link.

Don't hesitate to visit the ARK guild website and Twitter account to follow their activities and to thank them too!

Thanks ARK!

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