Bundles of Pranah

Buying Pranah

It is possible to purchase Pranah with a credit card or cryptocurrency. You can obtain Pranah within the game interface through the in-game store using a credit card and on the marketplace for cryptocurrency payments (USDC).

There are 8 different bundles available for purchasing. Please note that the Giga and Ultimate versions are only available in the webapp.

Souvenir Cards

As a gift, in the bundles of 6,900 Pranah and more, Souvenir Cards are offered with a purchase in cryptocurrency only (USDC) on the CTA Portal. 3 different grades are available: grade C in the Mega bundles, grade B in the Giga bundles, and grade A in the Ultimate bundles (10% chance of getting a foil).

Each souvenir card is limited to 1,100 copies (including 100 foils). With a complete collection of 100 cards, there are 11,000 souvenir cards available. You may have noticed that some cards combined create a mural like this following one, for grade A:

Are there other combinations? 😉


1. Why is the quantity of Pranah different between the app and the computer?

This difference is due to the constraints we have on the app stores.

2. What are souvenir cards used for?

Souvenir cards are NFTs. They can be sold on the CTA marketplace. Currently, they have purely collection value and no in-game utility.

3. Is it possible to transfer Pranah from one account to another?

Yes, but only in the form of a bundle. Once opened, Pranah cannot be transferred anymore.

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