Cross The Ages develops an marketplace and on ImmutableX for CTA Tokens and NFTs transactions.
Moreover, the CTA Tokens will also be traded on Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges, where they will be paired with several pools.
CTA Fungible Token Marketplace
NFT Marketplaces
Players can win cards playing the game when participating in challenges or in special events. Then such cards can be minted into NFTs or merged in order to obtain a more valuable NFT.
The minted NFTs will be tradable on Immutable compatible marketplaces as well as the CTA internal marketplace.
NFC Cards marketplaces
As for the physical cards marketplace, Cross The Ages has a partnership with Cardmarket, the biggest global marketplace for physical cards.
In order to avoid counterfeit products, every card is protected by NFC. The NFC ensures authenticity, provides the history of the asset through transparent traceability and guarantees the person in the possession of the card is the rightful owner.
Players can lend their cards to other players on the marketplace and earn CTA Tokens.