Shado & Sassaki
Our mission is to build a game where everybody can be part of the Ecosystem.
Cross the Ages is a free-to-play game, based on free-to-read novels, that allows anybody with access to a smartphone or desktop to enter the Universe to start collecting digital cards.
We are the only card game that enables the full value chain cycle from digital cards on mobile phones, through decentralized and mintable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain all the way to physical cards in the real world that are secured with near field communication technology (NFC).
This full lifecycle allows for the creation and accumulation of greater value over time for our players. Due to the game's cleverly designed fun incentivization mechanisms through quests, challenges and rewards, the players will become exponentially more active in the game and will start exploring the blockchain space within the game. Leveraging smart tokenomics using both an in-game token as well as a decentralized blockchain-based token, users will have the opportunity to fully engage and experience what it takes to go from an in-game asset to a decentralized tradable asset, then finally into the physical collectible space. Our mission is to allow our gamers, who embark on the journey early, to earn valuable NFTs throughout the gaming journey, lend their in-game assets and stake the CTA Tokens for long term liquidity.