The Team

Lena & Aurelius
Cross The Ages excels at bringing bright minds and spectacular talent together, with more than 180 professionals dedicated to this project and collaborating with management, technology and artistic teams to share the vision of this project with the world.

Core Team

Sami Chlagou , CEO and Co-Founder
Sami is the CEO and founder of five international game development studios operating since 2015 (France, Japan, Brazil, Hungary and England). These studios have produced more than fifty video games on different platforms such as Nintendo, Sony, Xbox, Steam and Android. Some of these games are reaching more than 1 million downloads annually. Prior to this, Sami was an accomplished film producer in France. He is very passionate about art and trading cards and has been collecting trading cards for over 27 years. Sami has most recently dived into the NFT space and has one of the largest collections on
Richard Esteve, Co-Founder
Philippe Van Trong Nguyen, Co-Founder
Ting Peng, COO
In 2021, Ting joined the Cross the Ages team as chief marketing officer, where she helped establish the company’s brand identity and social community of over 400,000. During this time, she also held the position of editor-in-chief at one of the most trusted sources for crypto and blockchain news, CoinTelegraph China. In her current role as COO, Ting is responsible for driving business and product development for Cross the Ages, which plans to be fully operational in the metaverse by June 2023. She brings an educational background in business, communications and international and global studies and is fluent in Chinese, Korean and English.
Quentin Giraud, CGO
Quentin Giraud has been passionate about computers, programming and video games for 20 years. These environments have no secret for him, and have allowed him to acquire many skills and thus know the world of open source. He joined My Serious Game in 2018, and he joined the Cross The Ages project in 2020. His many skills allowed him to build and manage the team of developers on the project. As CGO, he is in charge of the whole game on the project from design to technical aspects of the game.

Extendend Team :

Advisors Team :

Sebastien Borget, Strategy Advisor
Sebastien Borget is the Co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, a unique virtual world where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences using NFTs & SAND, the main utility token of the platform. Borget became the President of the Blockchain Game Alliance in 2020, a non-profit organization of 250 key members of the industry. Recently Borget was named in the Top 100 most influential people in crypto by CoinTelegraph.
Dr. Matthias Knelangan, Marketplace Expert
Matthias Knelangen is a director with, Europe's leading marketplace for collectible cards. A passionate trading card player and collector, he has been with Cardmarket since 2007, besides holding a PhD in physics. He serves as CTA's marketplace expert.
Frédéric Pons, Advisor
Steve Rosenblum, Advisor
Paul Amsellem, Advisor

Artistic Team and Writers

To create the most stunning and unique visuals we engaged over 75 international artists, many of which have worked on famous projects and iconic world franchises such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, LOL, Marvel and DC Comics.
We have also engaged a team of 13 award-winning authors and script doctors.
Below are some of the names of people working for the Cross The Ages universe.

Our writers :

Arnaud Dollen, Whiter & Cosmos Master
Arnaud Dollen is a French novelist and scriptwriter whose best known work in comics is the series "Les Surnaturels", in 4 volumes, which he created with Jérôme Alquié. He is the main author and designer of the universe of Cross the ages.
Alain Damasio, Narrative Conductor & Cosmos Mentor
Alain Damasio is considered the greatest French author of contemporary science fiction. Expert in narrative universe creation, triple Grand Prix de l'imaginaire for his novels and short stories, writer and multi-primmed screenwriter in video games (Remember me) as well as in radio fiction or for his entire digital work (SACD), it is widely praised by critics and devoured by the public. His second novel, "la Horde du Contrevent" (the Horde of the Offender), sold 500,000 copies, his third, "les Furtifs" (the Stealths), a best-seller as soon as it was released, was voted best book of the year 2019, all genres included, by Lire magazine.
Pablo Servigne, World Mediator & Cosmos Creator
Pablo Servigne trained as an agricultural engineer and a doctor of science (eco-ethology). He is the author and co-author of several books including the best-sellers (non-fiction) "Comment tout peut s’effondrer. Petit manuel de collapsologie à l’usage des générations présentes" (How everything can collapse. Small collapsology manual for the use of present generations) (Seuil, 2015), "L'entraide, l'autre loi de la jungle" (Mutual aid, the other law of the jungle) (LLL, 2017), and Une autre fin du monde est possible. Vivre l’effondrement (et pas seulement y survivre)" (Another end of the world is possible. Experiencing collapse (and not just surviving it)) (Seuil, 2018).

Our artists :

Joshua Cairos
Joshua Cairos is an illustrator and concept artist for the film industry and role games. Some of my clients are Wizard of the Coast, Walt Disney studios, Netflix, Legendary picture, Fantasy Flight Games ( Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings ...) Yotta games, and others.
Rafater is an experienced illustrator and concept artist from Spain. His portfolio includes clients such as Marvel, Wizards of the Coast, Free fire, Pepsi, Games Workshop, Applibot, Privateer press, CMON Games, Hex entertainment, Norma Editorial.
Andreas Rocha
Andreas Rocha is an Environment conceptor artist focusing on fantasy and science fiction. clients include LEGO, Wizards of the Coast, Epic Games, Axis Animation, Framestore, Activision
You can find all the profiles of the team here: LINK