Tokenomics and Distribution

The total supply will be 1,000,000,000 CTA Tokens to be minted with no possibility for future inflation.
The tokens will be distributed to the following stakeholders:
Fundraising – 25 % of the tokens are allocated for fundraising as follows:
  • Private and Seed investors - the contributors that participated in the private sale round - 20.7% (207,000,000 tokens)
  • Community pre-sale – 2.3% of the tokens is allocated for the community pre-sale (23,000,000 tokens)
  • Launchpads – 2% of the tokens is allocated for the public community sale on credible tier 1 launchpads (20,000,000 tokens)
Long-term rewards – long term community rewards - 20% (200,000,000 tokens)
Marketing – to ensure excellent marketing efforts - 7% (70,000,000 tokens)
Development – to ensure development efforts - 5% (50,000,000 tokens)
Reserve and Treasury – reserve and treasure for future fundraising - 25% (250,000,000 tokens)
Advisors - rewarding the advisors for their effort to our success 3% (30,000,000 tokens)
Graphics Team - rewarding our design and graphics team for their effort to our success 3% (30,000,000 tokens)
Founding Team - rewarding the core team members for their full-time effort to our success 12% (120,000,000 tokens)
Token Distribution
All tokens are subject to lock-in and vesting periods. Tokens will be distributed in a linear manner over time, based on the round of investment where CTA Tokens were obtained.